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Modern Modularity - Chains

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This modular necklace set - with it's swappable pendants - came out of a need and a request. A friend of mine is an avid collector of lampwork beads - and she was commenting that she really didn't need more than a handful of chains - if only she could easily swap the beads on and off. We discussed the option of only using bails and jumprings large enough to slide on and off the end - but then one of us (her, I think, actually) had the idea of using a large lobster claw clasp to hook the pendant onto the chain.

From there - we went crazy - sitting at the dining room table and wiring up beads into pendants. You can make yourself a couple of chains in different lengths, and adjust to the neckline of whatever you are wearing. We found too, that a few "accent" pendants - such as the leaves, are great for adding a little extra something to the look. You can mix and match - pair a crystal leaf pendant with a copper leaf. Combine a large stone bead with a crystal - or hang on it's own. The possibilities are endless. She already has a huge collection of pendants that she is swapping and wearing daily. I've built a collection of them too for myself - as they are a great way to show off lampwork beads. Don't have enough lampwork beads? Then you should come out to the upcoming lampwork trunk show, Nov 28.

I've done this in bright copper - but you could do the same idea in antiqued copper, brass, gunmetal, bright silver, antiqued silver, gold, antiqued gold, or even sterling silver. The sky is the limit and the world is your oyster!

I made two chains - one is 20 inches, and the other is 18. The longer chain is actually two strands to give it a little more bulk, visually. I created an extender by alternating small and large jumprings - and the clasp is the same lobster clasp as for the pendants. From there - the pendants are up to you - what they have in common is the large lobster claw clasp that hooks onto the chain, and hooks off just as easily.  (Except one pendant that is just on a very large ring that can be easily threaded onto just about anything.)

If you have a very long lampwork bead that you are having trouble finding a headpin long enough for - see my article on wiring long beads in my own personal blog - DragonJools.

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helbmcc015 Chain - Dapped Bar - Shiny Copper (1 foot)

(I used 18 inches. You need the 4 mm jumprings - larger will not go through the holes in the chain.)

Price: $ 2.35
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
helbmcc021 Chain - 2.4x4mm Flat Oval Links - Shiny Copper (foot)

(about 40 inches - as I use two strands. Use the 4 mm jumprings to connect - they fit better than the big ones.)

Price: $ 1.50
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22801041 Jump Rings Open - 4mm - Bright Copper (100)Price: $ 1.55
In Stock
22801035 Jump Rings Open - 9mm - Bright Copper (100)

(I think 7 mm would work also.)

Price: $ 4.85
In Stock
23440035 Lobster Clasp - 15mm - Bright Copper

(1 for the chain and 1 per pendant. Get lots - you'll go crazy wiring up pendants.)

Price: $ 0.45
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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