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Kiss Me - I'm Adora-bull

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Poor Chryssie. That's Kissy Chryssie - Miss Chrysantheum. She's had some tough breaks in life, but now she has a great home with a fabulous mom who has put hundreds of hours into helping her overcome the rough start she got in life.

Here in Ontario - we have a law that states that Pit-Bulls, Am Staffs, and other specific breeds of dogs are to be muzzled in public. Chryssie is a sweetheart and might lick you to death - but she is swept up in the legislation and discriminated against because of her looks.

The law is discriminatory and unfair - and it makes me sad and angry. So I collaborated with Chryssie's mom to make her a muzzle that she could wear with attitude. She is such a princess.

This was my first major use of the Bejeweller - and it was a little frustrating at first - but as I carried along - it got much easier. The Bejeweller has a variety of cup shaped tips that you put down over the rhinestone - on the front, and it heats them up and melts the hot-fix glue on the back (essentially a hot melt glue). You then position the rhinestone in place, and it sticks there, you take the Bejeweller away and go get the next one. (You spend a lot of time flipping the stones over, as they inevitably land the wrong way up when you dump them out of the package.)

Initially, I had issues with the stones sticking in the cup and not releasing onto the surface. I spent a lot of time cursing and digging them out with a pin (there is a slit in the side of the cup expressly for this purpose.) Eventually - I did get a rhythm going, and it went much smoother. Timing seems to be critical - too fast and the glue isn't hot enough - too slow and it melts too much and sticks the stone in the cup. By the end of the project - I was merrily bejewelling away and had to stop myself before I covered the muzzle completely. I also used a little bee's wax to lubricate the tip, and that seemed to help.

I'm not really sure how many stones I used, and there was some wastage as I got the hang of it. I did make a paper template so that I could plan out the words on the front. The rest of it - I did free hand.

Need to get a muzzle? We don't stock them but this one came from Hotdogs All Dressed. It's good quality leather and one of the few that actually fits her.

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