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It's all about the clasp

by: Jennifer Tough

  Once a week, I do a weekly jaunt around the store - to see what's new, stuff I need to have, and goodies for inspirations. Last week, I became completely enamoured with the cobble stone clasp. Now, I usually try to keep the inspirations in the affordable range, usually. :-)

That said, when you have a fantabulous clasp, you also need more fantabulous components! I've paired the clasp with a 20mm cosmic ring, and a flowing cascade of round link sterling chain. You'll also find the odd 4mm wire wrapped crystal here and there amongst the chain.

The clasp is a three strand clasp. I cut 3, 4" lengths of chain, secured one end to the clasp, fed the chain through the crystal, and then secured the other end of the chain back to the clasp - meeting the other section of chain. Repeat this two more times. That completes the short section from the clasp to the crystal.

Starting from the other part of the clasp, do the same thing as above. This time you will cut 3 pieces of 8" chain.

This gave me a bracelet about 7.25 inches long. You'll need additional chain x 3 if you want yours longer.

Peppered in here and there are 14, 4mm Swarovski bicones. I've wire wrapped these directly to the chain.

You'll notice that the chain has a slight golden hue. Since the clasp was oxidized silver, I decided to dip the completed bracelet in a liver of sulphur solution to oxidize the entire bracelet. I'm on the fence with the colour, and I will probably tumble polish it back to bright silver, and try again. It did look very nice when it was all bright and shiny!  I would leave it like that unless you like to endlessly futz like I do. 

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Qty: 6 bs005 Jump Rings Open - 5mm - Sterling (2.5 grams)Price: $ 14.75
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Qty: 36 bs066-05 Sterling Chain - 5mm Flat Round Link Chain - Sterling (Inch)Price: $ 2.24
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Qty: 1 s24274 Toggle Clasp Cobble Stones - 3-Strand - Antiqued SterlingPrice: $ 24.35
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