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Christmas Cactus Earrings

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

When I was but a wee child, we would go every other Sunday to have dinner with my Grandmother. Her house was unchanging but for the seasons. The willow in the back yard, the flowers in the front, and the Christmas cactus - perched on the enormous radio in the living room. The radio was housed in a huge wooden cabinet with curved panels and Bakelite knobs and was significantly larger than some modern cars.

I was fascinated by this giant, spreading plant with it's fleshy limbs and tissue-thin pink flowers. When I left home and went through my "plant-crazy" years (ask my first husband about that - he thought we lived in a green house) - I made a point of growing my own Christmas, and for that matter, Easter Cactus. The only difference I could ever discern was whenever they chose to bloom.

In honor of these brave houseplants - I present to you these Christmas Cactus earrings. The inspiration for these came from some of the beads nestling inside the bead caps. Let that be a lesson to all of you who keep your beads neatly segregated. From Chaos comes Creativity!

The third pic is a little misleading, and is actually from the other project for this week, but I included it to show you how the beads sit in order - the UFO bead sitting inside the bead cap. You really do use headpins for this project, not doubled wire.

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