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by: Jennifer Tough

Our Boro swoop beads just make me happy. The shape, the colours - everything about them screams 'fondle-me'...ummm, well, at least to me :-)

I was quite excited to see these new ones, along with a gorgeous lapis coloured softflex. I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to make with these.

This is a fairly simple stringing project, but the scrunched up chain adds a bit of texture, and complexity to to the design - without being complicated!

Step 1 - Using 1 1/2 ft of softflex wire, thread on the toggle bar, slide it down to the centre, and then string on one boro swoop on each side of the wire.

Step 2 - Bring the wires together, and then cut a length of chain 5 links long, string on each link through both of the wire ends. This is a bit futzy, but it gets easier the more you do!

Step 3 - With the wires still together, string on a 5mm bicone, and then another 5 link strand of chain.

Step 4 - Separate the wires, string on a boro swoop bead on each side, and repeat the pattern until your bracelet is at it's desired length.

Step 5) - End your pattern with chain, bicone, chain. String on a crimp bead, your toggle clasp, then force the ends of the wire back through the crimp. Keep in mind you now have 4 pieces of wire going through the crimp. It may be a bit tough to pull it through.

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Qty: 1 74201041 Chain - Medium Curb - Antique Copper (Metre)

(I used a total of 22 lengths of chain. Each length was 5 links long.)

Price: $ 7.65
In Stock
Qty: 1 24001006-04 Crimp Beads - 2.5mm - Antique Copper (100)Price: $ 2.81
In Stock
Qty: 20 s27323 Handmade Boro Lampwork - 8x11mm Teardrop Swoops - Blue Jay (strand 25)Price: $ 17.99
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
250trio19fes Softflex (tm) Beading Wire TRIOS - 3x10ft .019 (Medium) - Festival of Lights (Pack 3 spools)

(I used the Lapis.)

Price: $ 20.99
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 10 27753011721207 Swarovski Bead - 5mm Faceted Bicone (5301/5328) - Montana (20)Price: $ 6.10
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 tc94-6121-18 Toggle Clasp - Beaten Square - Antique Copper

(Of course I picked a clasp we don't have in stock at the moment. This one would work well though!)

Price: $ 3.95
In Stock

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