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Crystal Adventure

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Looking like the key prop from an action adventure movie that involves inserting the missing piece of the crystal to unlock the gateway that saves all humanity - this piece is simple, but involved some problem solving.

Most of which had to do with not having got everything I needed beforehand, and so having to do some creative work arounds.

Not like you've never had that problem, I'm sure!

Making the Bail:

The metal bail is a folded piece. Be sure to fold it over something, not just fold the metal plaque in half. If you do that, it will be too tight on the chain, and it will bind and not sit right. And it will probably snap. Bend it over a pencil or a knitting needle - I used my bail-making pliers. Don't use the round nose pliers, because they taper. Use something that is the same thickness all the way along.

Wiring in the Crystal

I took a short piece of the Vintaj wire (about 8 inches), and put it through the bead hole, slide the crystal to the center, and wrapped wire to the side, one side to the left, one to the right. I then wrapped in opposite directions around the bottom of the bail, and tucked the ends inside, before trimming away any excess.

Attaching the Chain

The figaro style chain was a single piece that I folded in half. The jumpring goes through the large oval if you enlarge it a little. I put the end of the chain nose pliers into the oval and gave it a very slight twist.

The woven wire chain presented more of a challenge. I cut a short piece of light wire, about 6 inches, and poked it through the chain, making sure there was a full round of loops above where I put it - I didn't want it to start unraveling. I slide the chain to the centre of the wire, folded the wire in half, and made a wrapped loop - using both pieces of wire (so there is actually two loops), and then wrapped back down the chain, and ended with crimping/squashing the wrap to secure it to the chain.

The Hook Clasp

I forgot to get a clasp - so a made one out of heavy wire. Cut about 8 inches of wire, fold in half - get the fold tight. Bend - use the round nose pliers - into a J - and make a loop at the top of the J, and wrap it back onto the hook.

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s26991 Chain - Figaro - Natural Brass (1 foot)

(I used 46 inches, 23 inches doubled.)

Price: $ 7.80
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
s26992 Chain - Woven Wire Chain - Natural Brass (1 foot)

(23 inches)

Price: $ 8.65
In Stock
s29477 ParaWire - 26ga Round Wire - Vintage Bronze (30 yards)

(for attaching the crystal and the woven chain.)

Price: $ 4.73
In Stock
s27311 Stone Beads - Top Drilled Rough Chunks - Amethyst Quartz Crystal (1)Price: $ 2.25
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s14871 Vintaj - 10mm Open Jumpring - Natural Brass (10)

(for the clasp to hook into)

Price: $ 3.56
In Stock
Qty: 1 s14847 Vintaj - 2in Deco Vines Filigree Wrap - Natural BrassPrice: $ 8.65
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 4 s14869 Vintaj - 7.25mm Open Jumpring - Natural Brass (20)

(For collecting the ends of the chains, and attaching the clasp.)

Price: $ 4.12
Sorry, Out of Stock
s14788 Vintaj - Clasp - Lobster Claw - Natural Brass

(If you don't want to make your own clasp - you could use this one.)

Price: $ 2.40
In Stock
s21560 Vintaj Wire - 18ga Round Wire - Natural Brass (Spool)

(for making the clasp. Not required if you buy a clasp.)

Price: $ 15.85
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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