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by: Jennifer Tough

Happy New Years Eve! Break out the bubbly with this fabulous little (ok, well not so little) cocktail ring. These are super quick to whip up, and of course you'll want them in a whole whack of colours!

I posted some basic instructions on how to make something similar on the blog a while back. These are made pretty much identically to the birdsnest rings.

Start your ring by wiring up the copper filligree into a ring as per the linked instructions. Once your ring is made, glue on the brass link, then glue on the Swarovski Rivoli. Use ample amounts of e6000 to make sure it's really stuck.  The glue dries clear, and you won't notice it from the back.

Allow your ring to dry for at least 24 hours - or until you have to go out :-)

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74701011-06 Artistic Wire - 22 gauge Round Wire - Natural Copper (Spool)

(i used about 2 feet)

Price: $ 5.76
In Stock
Qty: 1 s27344 Findings - 25 mm Filigree Rosette - Antique Copper (1)Price: $ 1.10
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 tc94-3087-27 Findings - Link - 19 mm Hammered Flat Round Ring - Brass OxidePrice: $ 1.55
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 1 96711221010223 Swarovski Rhinestones - 12 mm Rivoli Cut (1122) - Light RosePrice: $ 1.80
In Stock
s18886 Tools - Adhesive - 1 oz E6000 Glue - (1)Price: $ 6.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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