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Glitter Girl

by: Jennifer Tough

For Shame....

I think this is the first time that I have been assigned an Inspiration, and failed miserably. Oh, I made stuff! But I just couldn't limit myself to using only a few components that I could keep track of. I shamelessly went hog wild!  My desk was a glittery tornado of metalFX, and crystals. The  crystals from the packs given to me to use specifically were now mixed with crystals I pulled from other demo bags, and anything I could find in my personal stash. I wanted more!

(note: buy lots - seriously. Once you get going, it's really difficult to limit yourself to only one or two projects.)

I spent 2 hours painstakingly sorting out the clear crystal, and red stones  from a baggie of mixed stones to make my mushroom.

I did however on one project stick to just using two products - The green pendant was created using the Crystal Clay - Sage pack, and the Sahara Gold MetalFX. The crystals used were the demo crystals included in the pack. That was the first one I did, and then I completely lost track after that :-)

I do have a couple of working notes to add to Dwyn's Tutorial

I find the Apoxie Clay/Sculpt brand to be far easier than the Crystal Clay to sculpt with. If you plan to try your hand and sculpting, choose that one. The products are in fact very similar, but the Apoxie brand is less sticky.

Once hard, anything you embed in this clay is truly stuck forever. You'll notice that I created wrapped loops to embed in the top of the pendants. I left about a 1/4" of extra wire to stick down in the clay. I've tried to pull them out just to see what would happen. They're stuck in there for good. Which is great, as you can be sure that anything you create will not fall apart after you give it away/sell it.

When applying the MetalFX powders, you can also use a paint brush to apply the mica. This method is by no means less messy, but I can keep more in the pot that way.

Dwyn was correct in that the Mica does in fact go everywhere. Do not use this product just before you have to go to an important meeting with your child's principal. You cannot count on your significant other to tell you that you sparkle like a twilight vampire.

Rather than even trying to attempt to list the many items I've used, I'll just point you to the right sections - go wild!



These two pages also link to than many, many pages we have for Swarovski stones.

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