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Starlight Express

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Fast to make and a little nighttime twinkle.

And many ways to wear this! With no clasp and at 36 inches - this drops over your head, but the way it is strung, you can change the pattern by wearing the big rings at the front, or to the side. Actually - it's long enough to wrap around your wrist as bracelets, or wear as a choker and longer necklace using a pearl shortener.

  1. Cut apart the strand of quartz ovals - sort them into light and dark. Use the light ones at the beginning, and the dark ones after you run out of the light. (Makes it look more coordinated and less random.)
  2. Start with a large oval link. Using a crimp, attach a piece of black softflex, leaving about 9 inches to string on. Cover the crimp with a cover. String a 4 mm crystal, a quartz oval, a 4 mm crystal, a hematite flat round, a crystal, etc, alternating quartz ovals and hematite rounds with crystals in between, till you have 4 ovals and 3 hematites. Add a crimp, the next big oval, and loop the softflex back into the crimp and secure. Cover with a crimp cover.
  3. Do the same thing again off the other side of the 2nd big link, and then again, until you have 3 segments of beads, and 4 rings.
  4. Repeat the same stringing pattern to connect the two end links, using up the rest of the oval quartz. (There should be 8 - more or less).
  5. So you have big link - 6 inch bead section - big link - 6 inch section - big link - 6 inch section - big link - 12 inch bead section  - and attached back to the first link.

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