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Easy Chic

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

There's Shabby Chic, Retro Chic, Techno Chic, Steampunk Chic, Euro Chic, Country Chic, Southern Chic* - how about Chic, but quick and easy too!

This project is kid-friendly, beginner-friendly, easy to wear and easy to make. Easy to grab the components and take to the cottage and make a bunch. Teach the kids how to make these fun bracelets, and let them pick out the beads.

This project is sized for an adult - for the kiddies, you can adjust the size down. It's nice to have it loose enough to move around on the arm, instead of cutting off your blood supply, but the stretchy elastic cord lets it stretch enough to go on and off without a clasp.

The secret is to use a 3 hole separator bar - but only use the outer two holes. String 1 donut, then the separator, 3 donuts, then a separator - till you have 14 separators.

Then string the other side - putting 3 donuts to the 1 on the other strand, and vice versa.  (or you can work both strands alternately, doesn't matter - I tried both.) (The picture makes it clearer. The separator bars lay at an angle, because of the 3 : 1 bead pattern.)

Knot the strands using a square knot with a surgeon's knot on top. You can add a dot of glue for extra security - but mine is holding up fine without it so far.

It will look a little wonky while you are stringing it - don't worry about it - it sorts itself out at the end.

Choose your favorite donuts and go crazy!

*Seriously. I googled all of these. They have all been used.

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Qty: 52 s13852 Firepolish - 8x6mm Faceted Donut - Sapphires n Emeralds Givre (strand 25)Price: $ 8.70
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is unavailable.
Qty: 14 s29276 Separator/Connector - 3-Hole Flowers onna Board - Antiqued SilverPrice: $ 1.29
In Stock
25002009 Stringing - .7mm x 25m Stretch Bead Cord - Clear (Spool)

(2 x 12 inches. Finished length is 8 inches.)

Price: $ 8.95
Sorry, Out of Stock

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