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by: Dwyn Tomlinson

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to categorize this. It's a necklace, and earrings, with variations. They convert and you could make all the variations and mix them up, or just pick the one you like the best? I really like the garnet necklace with the silver leaf, but the garnet necklace with the slider is very, very nice too and easy to wear. The slider would work on the chain, and the leaf with the chain would go just as well on the strand of garnets. And the earrings - well - they go with everything.

Garnet necklace
This is a simple strand of garnets strung, and you could wear it by itself and it would look totally elegant. To make this, string 17.25 inches worth of garnets (74 in this case) on softflex, and add a clasp and secure with crimps, and finish with crimp covers. Clasp plus crimps adds 1 inch - total length is 18 inches, approx. This looks elegant by itself!

Garnet necklace + Slider Bead
This large hole tube slides on easily over the lever portion of the clasp, and "floats" on the garnets - making a very modern-looking necklace.

Garnet necklace + Silver Leaf with Berries.
The super-big size of this bail, means that you can also slide this over the lever portion of the clasp, and add it or remove it from garnet strand at your leisure. Add a jumpring to the hole in the leaf, then add another, and add the bail. (if you add only one - the leaf will hang sideways.).

Make 9 dangles of garnets using headpins and a single bead, and make Rapid Loops. Make a short, 4 link section of chain using jumprings, and add the garnet dangles, and then hang from the jumpring that is through the hole of the leaf.

Silver Chain
Silver Chain, 2 jumprings and a clasp - it doesn't get much simpler than this. Or more versatile. 16.5 inches of chain, plus the clasp and jumprings make up about another inch. Wear it by itself, with the slider bead, or with a leaf pendant.

Alternate Leaf Pendant
Take a short piece of fine wire, and start a loop, and thread through the hole in the leaf. Wrap the end of the wire around the main wire, like wrapped loop. Add a single garnet bead, and leaving some space, make another loop, and wrap - securing the garnet bead in the middle.
Take a short length of chain, about 2 inches, and thread it through the slider bead. Connect the ends with a jumpring. Add the garnet and leaf dangle to the jumpring. This can be threaded on the silver chain, or the garnet strand.

Put a garnet bead on a headpin, and start a wrapped loop. Add 2.25 inches of fine silver chain, and finish the wrapped loop. Add the other end of the chain to the loop on the earring stud. Make the other one the same.

This set is versatility itself. Heck, you can thread the silver chain AND the garnet strand through the slider bead and wear as a two-strand necklace OR double it over and slip onto your wrist as a 4-strand bracelet! It just gets better and better! Choose your look!

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74701019 Artistic Wire - 22 gauge Round Wire - Silver Plated (Tarnish Resistant) (Spool)

(about 10 cm or 4 inches - for the Alternate leaf pendant. Any similar wire will do.)

Price: $ 8.12
In Stock
s18703 Finding - Box Clasp - Shy Flowers under a Leaf - Sterling (1)

(for the garnet necklace - any attractive, quality clasp will do.)

Price: $ 25.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s30119 Findings - Bails - Navajo Thunder - Sterling (1)

(For the leaf and berries pendant)

Price: $ 21.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 10 96002811 Headpins - 1.5 in / 24 ga Ball - Bright Sterling (10)

(8 in the leaf with berries pendant, 2 in the earrings. Any fine headpin will work.)

Price: $ 5.57
In Stock
Qty: 2 s30593 Metal Bead - Big Hole - Celtic Braid Cylinder - Antiqued Silver

(1 for the slider, 1 for the alternate leaf pendant)

Price: $ 0.95
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 2 s16688 Plated Leaves - Large Hart Ivy Leaf - Antiqued Sterling Managers LAST CALL 80% off!

(one for each pendant.)

Price: $ 29.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
25001002 Softflex (tm) Beading Wire - 30 ft .019 (Medium) - Silver Grey (Spool)

(for the garnet necklace - about 60 cm)

Price: $ 21.26
In Stock
s13895 Sterling Chain - 6 x 9 mm Oval Cable Chain - Versatility - Bright Sterling (inch)

(about 44 cm or 17 inches - for the chain necklace, and 2 inches more for the alternate leaf pendant. Any mid-sized chain will do.)

Price: $ 7.40
In Stock
Qty: 2 96002401 Sterling Crimps - 2 x 2 mm Crimp Tube - Sterling (50)

(for the garnet necklace)

Price: $ 5.85
In Stock
Qty: 2 helcbc04ss Sterling Crimps - 4 mm Crimp Bead Covers - Sterling (10)

(for the garnet necklace)

Price: $ 5.78
In Stock
s20009 Sterling Jumprings - 6 mm Open Round Jumpring - Bright Sterling (6.5 grams)

(for the chain necklace (needs to be big enough to hook the clasp into, plus the leaf w berries pendant and the alternate leaf pendant.)

Price: $ 20.71
In Stock
s30158 Stone Beads - 6 mm Faceted Round - Garnet (strand)

(I used the full strand for the garnet necklace, the earrings and the two pendants.)

Price: $ 10.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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