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Stepping Out

by: Rae Huggins

I donít know where Iím going yet, but Iím stepping out! Do ya wanna come along? This necklace was made using basic stringing Ė I went back to how I started on my jewellery journey.

I did the pearls first. 9 pearls were followed by a 3 Strand panel, then 15, 3 Strand panel another 15, 3 Strand panel and 9 pearls. Attach to one end of the connector.

The coin pearls followed in the middle but since they are larger 6 were used and as before go through the panel. 10 coin pearls, through the panel, another 10, panel and 6 coins. Attach to the middle of the connector.

For the end row, I used 18 rondelles. *String through the panel, then 2 rondelles followed by 8 chips, 1 rondelle &10 chips, rondelle 10 chips, rondelle 8 chips and 2 rondelles. After going through the spacer bar repeat*. End by adding 18 rondelles and attach it to the connector.

On the single loop on one of the connectors, attach a twisted jumping followed by the clasp. On the opposite end I attached a twisted jumpring and made a two in one chain with the rest of the jumprings.

Each strand was attached to one of the 1:3 connectors on either end. Please ensure that you pass the beading wire through the two holes (one on each side) in the spacer panel in all cases because itís easy to miss a hole. Please measure as you go along for size. (This one is 17.5 - 18.5 inches with the extender.)

Come along and letís step out.

(Editor's note: Try this necklace on as you make it. With the strands of more or less equal length - it pretty much has to be worn as a choker. If you want it to hang longer without twisting and bowing out and showing the back of the connector bars, you'll need to adjust the length of the strands - making one strand shorter and one longer, relative to the middle. It does look great as is as a bracelet - wrapped double around the wrist and fastened. )

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