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One Tough Ombre

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

The other trend that is hot this year is "ombre" - shaded colours. (Especially the hair - love the ombre hair! Anyone think I should try the ombre hair?)

Now - I've always been fond of shaded colours - the current trend in neon colours is - IMHO - a flash in the pan. I like bright - but the neon is a like a perky house guest - fun for a few days - but by the end of the weekend - you're relieved to see them leave.

Not so with ombre - which is a look I will happy wear in fashion or out. Because, in case you hadn't noticed - I'm not a slave to fashion. Rather like the aforementioned perky house guest - me and fashion agree to disagree. I think it is amusing but takes itself way too seriously. I'm sure fashion thinks I'm an irrelevant old fool and too stodgy for words.

Anyway - our friends over at Dakota Stones put together a really nice ombre pinterest board, and it got me to thinking. What about ombre metal?

So this simple design is two colours of rolo chain, seamlessly linked together. I was going to do the matte silver chain as well - but decided I really liked the two shiny chains.

I think the idea definitely has some possibilities for use with some of the other chain colours and textures as well.

The end result is a nice simple look that you can wear anywhere - but with the addition of our new, HUGE bail - you can add a pendant. I haven't come up with a pendant yet - but I'm working on one - when I get it done - I'll show it to you. (It's based on one of my lampwork beads - so it will have to just be a jumping off point for you.)

Anyway - the take away is: ombre isn't just about beads - you can shade colours in metal too!

The beauty of the rolo chain is that the links are NOT soldered. The metal is strong enough that the links won't open on their own, but you can open them and add whatever.

As with any "jump ring," open the links by twisting sideways - not pulling apart. The strength and shape of the links means that you will need to use two pairs of pliers to hold and twist open the links.

I made this with 3 strands - but I think more would look nice - I particularly think I might add a 4th.

You will probably have to do some experimenting to get it to hang right. I stuck two pins in a board and hung the necklace in a loop to check the length, and had to fiddle with it a bit - lengthening chains - to get it where I wanted it.

Inner strand
 26 cm dark chain, 12 cm light chain, 26 cm dark chain
Middle strand
 26.5 cm dark chain, 13 cm light chain, 26.5 cm dark chain
Outer strand
 27.5 cm dark chain, 13.5 cm light chain, 27.5 cm dark chain.

Overall length is 70 cm (28 inches). Adjust to suit your size and style!

The bail is optional - use it to hang a fabulous pendant, or remove it to just wear the chains. The super big clasp distributes the weight nicely - looks good with the scale of the piece, and is easy to use.

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Qty: 63 s34386 Chain - 7mm Rolo Chain - Gothic Silver (Inch)

(the "dark" chain - pretty close to gunmetal colour - 63 in or 160 cm. )

Price: $ 0.50
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 15 s34389 Chain - 7mm Rolo Chain - Rhodium (Inch)

(the "light" chain in the centre - approx 40 cm or 15 inches)

Price: $ 0.70
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s36467 Findings - Bails - Huge Floral Bail w Loop - Silvertone

(optional - for adding a pendant)

Price: $ 4.55
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 2 22801264 Jump Rings Open - 20mm / ID 14.5mm - GunmetalPrice: $ 0.49
In Stock
Qty: 1 22801015-03 Jump Rings Open - 7mm - Gunmetal (10g)

(You need a "normal" sized jumpring to attach the clasp to the big one)

Price: $ 1.99
In Stock
Qty: 1 23440049 Lobster Clasp - 26mm - GunmetalPrice: $ 2.23
In Stock

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