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Batty for Halloween

by: Rochelle Kilmer

Are you Batty for Halloween? Are you cackling with glee at the thought of the upcoming holiday? Planning spooky yard decorations and ghoulishly delightful Halloween dishes like Mud Pie with Gummy Worms and CupCakes with Chocolate Spiders?

If so - you'll love this Statement Bat Necklace!

In addition to the components listed below, you'll also need a few cotton swabs (Q-Tips, etc.) to apply the Mica Powder and some tooth picks to sculpt the Crystal Clay.

How to:

Step 1 : Apply the black Gilders paste to your brass bat. You may have to apply a few layers until your bat is as dark as you want him. (Hint: Hilight the eyes with a dab of nail polish before you start!)

Step 2 : Mix together about 1/3 of part A and B in your Crystal Clay kit. When mixed well, roll out to about ¼ inch thick and wide enough for your bat.

Step 3: Push your bat into the crystal clay . Using a tooth pick carve out the shape of the bat. Smooth out the surface with your fingers. Leave about ¼ inch edge between the bat and the edge of the clay. This is where you will put your crystals.

Step 4: I used my Crystal Katana I had at home to apply the PP21 Crystal Astral Copper Chatons. You can use the sticky tip that comes in the Crystal Clay Kit too. Place the crystals around the bat, making sure they are firmly in the clay.

Step 5 : Stick a 7mm Jumpring in the crook of the bats’ wings and head. Make sure it is in there firmly and the Crystal Clay covers the Jumpring on the inside. Do this on the other side.

Step 6: Stick a 6mm Jumpring at each bottom tip of the bats’ wings and at the tip of his tail. Make sure they are in their firmly and the Crystal Clay covers the Jumpring on the inside.

Step 7: Using a Q-Tip cover the Crystal Clay front and back in the Charcoal Mica Powder. You can make the Mica powder as dark as you want. When the Mica powder is a dark as you want you can apply the moonlight mica powder to add a bit more sparkle to your bat.

Step 8: Let it sit and cure for 24 hours.

Step 9: While your bat is curing you can get the dangles ready.

Step 10: Using one of the gunmetal headpins, place 1 3mm Jet AB Bicone, 1 4mm Crystal Chili Pepper Bicone and another 3mm Jet AB Bicone. Finish that off with a wrapped loop and make a second one. These will be attached using a 6mm Jumpring to each bat wing.

Step 11: Put a 7mm Jumpring through the hole on your 18mm Crystal Astral Pink Twist. Attach this to the Jumpring in the bats’ tail using another 7mm Jumpring so that your crystal hangs right.

Step 12: Take your 1.5 feet of chain and cut it in half. Attach your lobster claw to the end of one piece with a 7mm Jumpring. Put a 7mm Jumpring on the other piece, this is where your lobster claw will attach.

Step 13 : On the bottom of those 2 pieces of chain attach them using 7mm Jumprings to the Jumprings you put in the Crystal Clay in the crook of the bats’ wings and head.

Now you can celebrate HALLOWEEN with a statement piece everyone will want!!!

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