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Skull Boy Bracelet

by: Pam Kearns

Here's a not-too-scary bracelet to celebrate Halloween or just your inner dark side!

Place the leather cords side-by-side and slide the Skullboy bead onto the two cords, ensuring it face "out" of the natural curve of the leather. Centre the bead on the two pieces of leather.

Slide the wire between the bead and the leather, and centre the wire.

Hold the bead and leather and half the wire in place with one hand, and start wrapping the wire in a figure 8 around the two pieces of leather, moving away from the centre and towards the end of the leather. At the end, secure the wire by wrapping it around one of the leather cords twice. Trim the wire. Make sure you leave enough room for the clasp.

Wrap the other half of the bracelet the same way, from the centre out to the ends using a figure 8 motion and secure and trim the same way.

Dry fit the clasp to both ends of the leather and trim if necessary to even up the ends an d ensure a good fit. Remove the claps and re-apply with glue on both ends.

Secure the centre bead if necessary with a dot of glue on the leather.

Editor's Note: Pam and I discussed the clasp used here, and aren't really happy with it being flush. The wire holds the bracelet in shape, so it doesn't need a strong clasp - but you might want to use a different one if you think you want a stronger connection.

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s32976 Adhesive - 3 gram Super New Glue - Price: $ 3.25
In Stock
74701019 Artistic Wire - 22ga Round Wire - Silver Plated (Tarnish Resistant) (Spool)

(about 5 feet or 2 meters)

Price: $ 12.45
In Stock
Qty: 1 s33272 Beads - Regaliz - Skullboy - Antiqued SilverPrice: $ 3.75
In Stock
Qty: 2 s36736 Findings - 5mm Round Leather - Curved Tube Magnetic Clasp - Antiqued Silver

(These will stick side by side and look like one clasp anyway, if you prefer. )

Price: $ 11.98
In Stock
Qty: 1 s36737 Findings - 5mm Round Leather - Double Wide Curved Tube Magnetic Clasp - Antiqued Silver

(This clasp just snaps together, instead of fitting inside each other. )

Price: $ 12.60
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 7 s35386 Stringing - 5mm Round Leather Cord - Cinnamon (Inch)Price: $ 1.65
In Stock
Qty: 7 s35384 Stringing - 5mm Round Leather Cord - Raven (Inch)Price: $ 0.54
In Stock

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