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Rondelles and a Donut

by: Rae Huggins

There I was, restocking the semi-precious stone section of the store – that did it as usual for me. Ideas for our inspiration projects were in my head. While I restocked, I stocked the components and this is one of the pieces I came up with.

  1. Simply open a jumpring and insert it into a dark amber rondelle and close the ring.

  2. Repeat Step 1 but before closing the ring, link it to the first closed one and close the jumpring.

  3. Repeat Step 1 and 2 until you’ve used all 60 rondelles.

  4. One both sides of the necklace link 10 jumprings to form a chain.

  5. On one end attach the first part of the Adjustable Toggle.

  6. Link two 5mm Antique Copper 5mm jumprings to the bar part of the Adjustable Toggle.

  7. Using the remaining jumprings make a chain, linking 2 jumprings to one as you go along and insert it into the donut. Close the chain by inserting 1 ring into 2 jumprings on either end, however, before closing attach the single ring to the two jumprings at the centre of the necklace.

Now you’re on your way to enjoy your rondelles and a donut – enjoy!!!!

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22801016-02b Findings - Jumprings - 5 mm Open Round - Antique Copper (100 grams) (Bulk pack) -

(Or any other 5 mm copper jumpring)

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22801016-02 Findings - Jumprings - 5 mm Open Round - Antique Copper (5 gram)

(Or any other 5 mm copper jumpring)

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Qty: 100 22801035 Findings - Jumprings - 9 mm Open Jumprings - Bright Copper (100)Price: $ 3.14
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s30557 Findings - Toggle Clasp - 10 x 70 mm Multi-Ring Adjustable Toggle - Bright CopperPrice: $ 1.20
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Qty: 60 s35869 Horn - 12 x 3 mm Rondelle - Dark Amber (1)Price: $ 0.14
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Qty: 1 s31392 Stone - 50 mm Square Donut Pendant - Picture JasperPrice: $ 10.95
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