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You are a Star

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This one's a quickie - but one of the things I really like about this style of bracelet - leather and rivets, is that they are quick. Quick and easy to make, and easy to wear. Good sense of accomplishment. Perfect for those days when you just don't seem to be able to get anything done.

I used 6 mm rivets to secure the hook clasp and the loop it hooks into for visual balance. There's no reason why you couldn't use 4 mm, with, or without the star-shaped rivetable decorations.

I deliberately had them going at different angles, but if it bothers you, feel free to line them up.

A different colour for the rivetable from the rivets will give you a different look too, so feel free to play around and mix it up.

Start by threading the leather strap through the end of the clasp, folding it over, and marking where to punch the hole in the leather. (A pen or a sharpie works fine.) Punch the holes, add the clasp, and secure. See this project for more info on using the compression rivets.

Next, fold a loop at the other end, make sure it is big enough to fit onto the hook, and mark, punch and secure.

Now, mark holes for the stars - I just eyeballed it, and make your holes, and attach the rivets.

Easy peasy!

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Qty: 1 s36876 Findings - Flat Leather - Z Hook Clasp - Bright GoldPrice: $ 2.15
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s43324 Leather - .5x10in Leather Strip - CocoaPrice: $ 2.80
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Qty: 2 s42903 Leather Riveting Supplies - 6mm Compression Rivets - Bright Gold (10)Price: $ 3.65
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Qty: 5 s43020 Riveting Supplies - Starry Starfish - Rivetable - Bright GoldPrice: $ 1.03
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Qty: 5 s36863 Riveting Supplies - 4mm Compression Rivet with Tube - Bright Gold (Pack of 10)Price: $ 4.63
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