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Infinitely Pink

by: Pam Kearns

The two-hole beads just keep on coming! I was asked to see how the Infinity Beads worked -- and they are simply great to work with! If you haven't seen them, they are constructed just like two size 11 seed beads sitting side by side - sort of like a peanut shape. The beads are a little thicker than typical size 11 seed beads and have the little indentation between 'two' beads. I found the sizing and shaping of the seed beads very consistent and didn't need to set any to the side that couldn't be used.

In this sample, I used tubular herringbone to create a reversible band (the pastel bordeaux on one side; the chalk lilac luster on the other side). The band remained quite supple. I added a ring of the Dark blue Lined Violet AB seed beads at each end to attach the clasp to and finished off the threads. At that point I thought,"Okay it looks fine, but it is missing something." The edge of the band was quite wide and it needed to be visually 'softened.'

I attached another length of fireline to one end of one edge of the band and started experimenting. I ended up adding beads with a variation of brick stitch and stacking the infinity beads so they lay at an angle. I stitched up through the first side infinity bead, picked up a silver-lined crystal size 11/0 seed bead and went back down through the infinity bead, caught the thread in the band and stitched up through the second hole of that same infinity bead, added another infinity bead, the seed bead and back down both infinity beads. I moved along the band in this manner to the end, wove in my thread and trimmed. I repeated the steps to do the other edge of the band.

The result is a very supple bracelet with a nice side profile that, while substantial, is very feminine.

Of course you can use the same colour of seed beads throughout the project, but since I hadn't planned it all in advance, I didn't have enough of the purple-y seed beads to finish the edges. Such is the fun of experimenting!

The clasp is attached with jumprings through the loop of beads at each end.

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