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Spiked in Gold

by: Rochelle Kilmer

I liked the spikes when they came in, but wasn't sure how to use them. This wonderfully simple design uses them without 'stabbing' you in the face!! With so many different colours you can keep it fresh for every season. You can use as many spikes as you want and with the different sizes you could even gradate the spikes with a large one in the middle working to the outside with baby spikes.

Cut about 6 inches of Softflex for your focal piece. Crimp one end and alternate metal bead, spike, metal bead spike, etc... Crimp the other end closed.

With the foot and a half of chain, cut it in half. Attach to each end of the focal using jumprings. On the other ends attach a jumpring and your clasp for the closure.
And you are done the necklace!!

 I cut a 6 inch piece of Softflex. I repeated the pattern I used in the necklace. Bring both ends of the Softflex up through a crimp and loop one end back into the crimp. Make sure to keep your loops consistent. Flatten the crimp with  pair of flatnose pliers. Trim the excess Softflex and attach to the earwire. Repeat for the other earring!!

Now you can enjoy the spikes too!! :)

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Qty: 2 s37622 Chain - Medium Almost Round Chain - Matte Black (Foot)

(18 inches used)

Price: $ 2.42
In Stock
24001005-03 Crimp Beads - 2mm - Gold Plated (100)Price: $ 1.95
Sorry, Out of Stock
23610904 Earring - Simple Fishhooks - Goldtone (Pair)Price: $ 0.55
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 3 s33081 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Matte Black Gold (6)

(10 used in the necklace & 6 in the earrings)

Price: $ 5.25
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22801012-02 Jump Rings Open - 5mm - Goldplated (5 grams)Price: $ 1.35
In Stock
23440005 Lobster Clasp - 12mm - Hamilton Gold (Goldplated)Price: $ 0.48
In Stock
28811829 Metal Beads - 2mm Round - Goldtone (100)

(11 used in the necklace & 8 used in the earrings)

Price: $ 1.60
In Stock
s44552 Softflex Beading Wire - 10ft .014 (Fine) - Extreme 24k Gold (Spool)

(approx 2 feet used for both the necklace and earrings)

Price: $ 17.18
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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