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Puptown Funk

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This cut-out paw motif lends itself to modifications. You could hang 
crystals off it, or wire onto it, or back it with some leather or 
polymer clay. I chose to add some colour with the gilders paste - adding 
turquoise (patina) to pick up the colour of the chain. Although - I 
really like the leather idea ... hmmmm.

I glued the ends onto the chain - use a glue that is designed to work 
with metal and is not too runny. Dry fit the chain into the ends first 
to make sure they don't have a wire sticking out that will refuse to go 
in. Apply the glue to the chain, and stuff it into the chain end. Let it 
dry the full length of time that the glue says - if it says 24 hours - 
then leave it 24 hours and don't mess with it until then!

Apply the gilders paste to the paw pendant, and let it dry overnight. 
Buff it a little with a paper towel, and then attach with jumprings.

Attach the hook and swivel to the ends with jumprings.

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Qty: 1 s40671 Findings - Bails - ID 3 mm Lattice Tube - GunmetalPrice: $ 0.76
In Stock
22801015-01 Findings - Jumprings - 4 mm Open Round - Gunmetal (5 gram)Price: $ 0.95
In Stock
Qty: 2 s40710 Findings - Leather Ends - ID 3 mm Swivel/Rotating - Rope - End Cap - GunmetalPrice: $ 0.90
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 s40750 Findings - Link - Large Swivel Link - GunmetalPrice: $ 1.76
In Stock
Qty: 1 s34058 Findings - Swivel/Rotating - Medium Hook Clasp - GunmetalPrice: $ 1.85
In Stock
Qty: 1 s40589 Metal Pendant - Pawprint Cutout - Rusted IronPrice: $ 4.00
Sorry, Out of Stock
88818840-00 Patina - Gilders Paste - Patina (30 ml tin)Price: $ 18.72
In Stock
Qty: 2 s46328 Silver Silk - Knitted Wire - Capture - Shoreline (1 foot)

(I used 20 inches BUT you can adjust to your taste)

Price: $ 5.40
In Stock
s37671 Tools - Adhesive - Tiny E6000 Glue - (Pack of 4)Price: $ 11.52
In Stock

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