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Dog Tooth Double Ladder Bracelet

by: Bonnie Cottingham

When BeadFX got the stone buttons I knew I could use them for ladder stitch bracelets.
Now it was a search for the right beads!

This week, new stone beads came in and my search was complete. The only trouble I had was deciding which size and shape to use.

Making ladder stitch bracelets there are quite a few techniques for the ladder stitch bracelets
Many can be found on YouTube or through your Pinterest page.

Each bracelets shown uses a different technique to make it.

The double- wrap natural bracelet uses two strands of C-Lon cord going into each bead in the opposite directions.

The single- wrap black leather bracelet uses a doubled over strand of Fireline.

I used a tray to help  make the bracelets. I find it easier that using a clip board. The side walls of the tray lift the project off the surface and it makes it easier to reach under and guide the C-Lon or thread around the strands of leather.

I also used a scrap piece of rattail to put tension on the leather to keep it straight. The rattail is easy to use and very easy to untie.

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