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Twinsie at the Beach

by: Rochelle Kilmer

My bestfriend and I love turtles! We love the water, the sand, the shells, and everything else that goes with it. So these bracelets really capture our common interests and loves.

To Begin:

Lay out your strip of leather. I decided to go with a wavy pattern - but you could choose any design you like. Just don't make your ends too small - in width - because you want them to fit comfortably into the clasp. I drew my outline on the back of the leather - the non-smooth side - in Sharpie.

Then I cut along that line using the Leather Scissors.

I found the centre point on each half of the leather and measured the length needed for each person's wrist. This is why they are 2 different lengths.

For my friend - who has a smaller wrist - I measured 3 inches on either side of the centre point, for a total length of 6 inches. Remember to account for the clasp, which will add an additional 3/4 of and inch to the overall bracelet length.

On each end I cut off the excess leather and trimmed to fit in the clasp. I used a couple drops of New Super Glue and glued the clasp in place.*

*Please be careful of gluing the clasp because you want to make sure each side is facing the right direction for proper closure.

Then I let the clasp dry for a while. At least a couple of hours so that it has time to set.

While the glue was drying, I thought about where I wanted to place my screw/nut sets. Once I had made my decision, I placed a few small dots in Sharpie.

When I was ready to, I used the Deluxe Revolving Hole Punch on setting 4.5, to make holes where my dots were.

Then I screwed the pieces onto the leather with the flat, smooth side on the back of the leather. You can tighten them down with a flat screwdriver.

I think I want to paint on the leather - but I'm not quite sure yet! That is where you can also play with individualizing these bracelets!

Have fun!

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