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Sassy Brassy

by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Inspired by the colour and texture of the Matte African Turquoise stones, I quickly pulled together the brassy components for this necklace. Far more symmetrical than I normally design, but easily paired with either a little black dress, or your trusty t-shirt and jeans!


1. Insert one 1.5 inch eyepin, into 1 stone bead.

2. Then insert the straight end of eyepin (with stone attached), into channel and hole on the One-Step Looper (Note, you could also just add a simple loop on the end, using chain nose and round nose pliers).

3. Squeeze handle on On-Step Looper, to form loop and automatically cut the excess wire on eyepin.

4. Repeat 12 more times, for a total of 13 stone/eyepin links.

5. If some of the loops are not completely closed, use either your round or chain nose pliers, to finish making the loops.

6. Use 12- 4.75 mm open jumprings, to join the individual stone/eyepin links. Opening and closing the jumprings with your 2-chain nose pliers.

7. Cut 2- 2 1/8 inch pieces of brass chain.

8. Open 1- 4.75 mm jumpring, and attach one end of stone link chain, to one 2 1/8-inch piece of brass chain. Close jumpring.

9. Open another - 4.75 mm jumpring, and attach the other end of the stone link chain, to the second 2 1/8-inch piece of brass chain. Close jumpring.

10. Attach swirl end of clasp, by opening another 4.75 mm jumpring, and attaching it to one of the free ends of brass chain.

11. Attach the large jumpring part of the clasp, by opening it, and attaching to the second free end of brass chain.

12. Cut 2- 1 inch pieces of brass chain.

13. Re-open 4.75 mm jumpring on one end of the middle stone link in the chain (the seventh stone on the chain). Attach 1- 1 inch piece of brass chain and re-close the jumpring.

14. Repeat step 13, on the other side of the stone link.

15. Open 1- 8 mm jumpring, and attach to one of the free ends of chain.

16. Then attach the open 8 mm jumpring, to one of the open areas on the large filigree piece. Close jumpring.

17. Repeat steps 15 & 16 for the second free end of chain.

18. Your necklace is complete! Wear it with joy!

Tools Used:

One-Step Looper (small)

1 - Round Nose Pliers - if you choose not to use the One-Step Looper

2 - Chain Nose Pliers

Flush or Side Cutters

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