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Thorn in My Side

by: Rochelle Kilmer

This jewellery set is dark and moody. Kind of like how Mother Nature is being right now! The last 4 days have been rain, rain, and more rain. She can't seem to decide if its' cold or hot. Sunshine or rainy days. All this indecision is giving me headache and what better way to soothe the soul than to make a beautiful piece of jewellery. It started out as just a bracelet, then with my left over Swarovski rounds and Kambaba Jasper I made up a pair of earrings and a pendant. They could all be worn together or separately on different occasions. Mix and match to your mood!


1) Cut a piece of Softflex approximately 10 inches long. (I like to have working room)

2) Using a bead stopper, I clamped it to one end and then started stringing a pattern using the Kamababa cubes, Green Tourmaline rounds, and double spike beads. I did not want to crimp one end off the bat because I wanted access to both ends for playing with the pattern of beads. You can adjust the number of beads for your wrist size and/or preference of pattern. My bracelet, with clasp, measures at 7 3/4 inces. My pattern is : 3 cubes, 1 round, 3 cubes, small double spike bead, cube, sm dbl spike, cube, large double spike bead, cube, sm dbl spike, cube, sm dbl spike bead, 3 cubes, 1 round, 3 cubes

3) String a crimp onto the open end of Softflex. (Make sure to have a bead stopper on the other end or everything is going to fall off) Loop the Softflex back through the crimp and a few of the first beads on the strand. When you have a decent sized loop, using your chain nose pliers, flatten the crimp. Now trim your Softflex tail on this end.

4) On the other end now, string on a crimp, loop the Softflex back through the crimp and a few beads. !IMPORTANT! Now, before crimping, make sure that your bracelet is not too tight. You want it to be fluid and soft to bend. Remember it is wrapping around your wrist. If it is too stiff the stones and crystals and rub against each other and eventually chip and crack. That being said you will be left with some Softflex showing when the bracelet is laying flat. If you are not a fan of this at all you can string on small seedbeads or spacers between the stones and crystals. You may need to adjust your pattern to accommodate the extra beads. When you are happy with the movement of your bracelet, flatten the crimp using a pair of chain nose pliers. Set this strand aside.

5) I used 2 types of chain because I enjoyed that look. If you prefer one over the other or have a different option, go for it! Just make sure to purchase twice as much of one.

6) Of both the Rolo Chain and the Victorian style chain, I cut 2 pieces of each chain at 7 1/4 inches.

7) Then I used 3mm jumprings and attached each end of each strand (4 pieces of chain, and the strung stones and crystals) to a loop on the 5-strand tube clasp. And then I did the same for the other ends to their respective loops on the other side of the tube clasp.

8) Bracelet Complete!


1) On a headpin, place a small seedbead (I used one from my stash, this is just to stop the stone from sliding right off) then a stone cube. Using a pair of 1-Step Loopers (because this is my favourite tool in the whole, wide world) make a simple loop or make a simple loop using your tools. You could also choose to do a wrapped loop instead. Make another one for the other earring.

2) On an eyepin, place a Swarovski round. Make a simple loop. Do again for the other earring.

3) On an eyepin, place a stone cube and make a simple loop. Make a second one for the other earring.

4) Connect the headpin dangle to the Swarovski round link using a 3mm jumpring.

5) Connect the open loop of the Swarovski round link to the stone cube link.

6) Repeat steps 4 & 5 for the other earring.

7) I had a little bit of chain left over from the bracelet, so I cut each one in half.

8) Open a jumpring, place 1 strand of each type of chain, the dangle we made, and the loop on the earwire. Close the jumpring. Repeat for the other earring.

9) Earrings Done!


1) Repeat steps 1-5 of the earrings instructions. Make 2 of these dangles.

2) Repeat steps 1-5, but instead of a Swarovski round link, make it with a cube. So it will be 3 cubes linked together.

3) I opened a 7mm jumpring and placed all 3 dangles onto it. Close the jumpring.

4) I attached a second 7mm jumpring to the jumpring holding the dangles, and this is where I slipped through a silk black string. I just tie the silk string into a bow where I wear it. You may choose to use the chain from the bracelet and earrings, just remember to purchase however much more for the length you want.

5) Finished Pendant!

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