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Bubble Leather Bracelet

by: Pam Kearns

Here's a great way to add some texture to laser-cut flat leather using 'O' beads and some drops. You can also use other shaped beads for sharper points or more texture.

"Bubbles" magically sit atop laser-cut leather in this wonderfully textured bracelet. Easily done in two hours (or less!)


1.    Pull and cut a 4' length of Fireline; thread your needle with the Fireline.
2.    Using a surgeon's knot, tie the tail end to one of the leather bridge at one end of the serpentine design (between the 'half-moon' and the first teardrop) on the 'wrong side' of the leather. Leave a 5" - 6" tail. Pull the needle and working thread through to the 'right side' of the leather through the first teardrop.
3.    Pick-up one demi-bead and one drop; stitch back through the demi-bead and leather. Stitch back up through the next teardrop to the 'right side' of the leather.
4.    Again, pick-up one demi-bead and one drop; stitch back through the demi-bead and leather. Stitch back up through the next teardrop to the 'right side' of the leather.  As you work, pull the thread snug. This will force the drop bead to sit-up in the demi-bead.
5.    Continue stitching along the length of the pattern, adding demi-beads and drop beads as you go. Ensure that your tension remains snug enough to keep the drop sitting up in the demi-beads.
6.    When you reach the end of the pattern, securely tie-off the working thread using half-hitches and bury your thread before trimming.
7.    Thread the needle onto the tail end and secure with a couple more half-hitches and bury the thread before trimming.
8.    Taking the clasp length into consideration, measure the leather to the length your want ensuring that the pattern remains centered on the leather. Trim the leather. Note: it is recommended that you trim the leather a bit at a time - you can't add more leather if you cut it too short! Dry fit the bracelet with the clasp until you get the right fit.
9.    Attach the clasp to the leather with the glue; allow to dry.

Enjoy your bracelet!

Change up the design by using other beads such as long drops, thorns or other 'spiky' beads. Cz 'O' beads can be used in place of the Toho Demi-beads.

This bracelet was designed by Pamela Kearns exclusively for BeadFX use and distribution.

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