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Concrete & Rubies

by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

These Matte Crazy Lace Agate stones have been living side byside, on the BeadFX wall, just under the pearls. Ignored for months, but thenthey suddenly started clamouring for their potential to be reached! Concretegoes with everything, and my July birthstone is ruby!! Add some sparkle, then whatbetter way to marry the two, than with a chic and comfortable wrap bracelet. Apiece of this type, could even be worn as a short necklace, but I far preferthis variation as a standalone bracelet!


1.  Dump all of your beads, into a nice pile on your bead mat, then mix them up! Shocking, I know,but it's the only way that you can get a truly random mix!

2.  Cut approximately 25 inches of Soflex beading wire (the length will vary, depending on the size of your wrist, and the total number of wraps desired). This measurement is for a 3-wrap bracelet, on a small, to medium sized wrist.

3. Thread a 2mm crimp, onto one end of the Soflex beading wire.

4. Thread a wire guardian onto the same end of the Soflex, (you will need to thread through both openings), pulling the wire tightly.

5. Pull the loose end of the Soflex, back into the crimp bead, leaving a medium length tail.

6. Crimp the crimp bead, with crimping pliers (it's a two-partprocess).

7. String beads in a random, asymmetrical fashion! Don't obsess about how you do this!! It's all good!

8. Cover the loose end of the beading wire, with the first,three or four beads.

9. Trim wire if necessary.

10. Decide how long your wrap will be, and string on a sufficient number of beads. (Please note: I chose to use approximately 25 inches of beading wire, to make a triple wrap bracelet.)

11. Thread a 2mm crimp, onto the unfinished end of the Soflex beading wire.

12. Thread a wire guardian onto the same end, pulling the wire tightly (you will need to thread through both openings).

13. Pull the loose end of the Soflex, back into the crimp bead, leaving a medium length tail. (Note: I find it useful to place the wire guardian on oneside of my Round Nose Pliers, letting the bracelet dangle free. Then pull onthe loose end of the wire, to tighten up the string.)

14.Thread the remaining Soflex wire, back through the last three or four beads. (Note: don't forget to leave a little "wiggle" room, between the beads and the crimp).

15. Crimp the crimp bead, with crimping pliers (Remember, this is a two-part process).

16. Trim any loose beading wire.

17. Open one 6 mm jump ring, and attach to one wire guardian.  Close jump ring.

18. Add one 6mm Split Ring to the same side.  (Note: if you find that your bracelet is longenough, you can skip the jump ring in Step 17, above, and add the split ring directly to the wire guardian)

19. Open one 6 mm jump ring, add one Lobster Claw clasp, and attach to one wire guardian.  Close jumpring.

20. To make the dangle! Add three beads (I chose two stones and one Firepolish) to a headpin, then start to make a wire wrapped loop.

21. When your loop is still open, slide it onto wire guardian that is next to the Split Ring.

22. Finish wrapping your loop with 3-4 wraps (or whatever fits)!

23. Congratulations, your wrapped bracelet is finished!


Tips for leftover beads: A shorter bracelet, necklace component (just add chain), earrings, purse dangles, bead embroidery, wire wrapping, or freeform peyote! Add other beads to change up the mix, and then make a coordinating, but totally different bracelet!Layers are where it's at!!!

If you are unfamiliar with any ofthese processes, please check our "Tips" section.

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