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Retired Inspirations
We loved these too, but sometimes we just can't restock some of the components, or maybe their time has just passed. Maybe they'll inspire you to try something similar?

Hidden Underwater Treasures

Baby Blue and Earrings

Airy Fairy

Dragonfly Meadows

Moon Princess

Erin's Mopal Bracelet

Green Grapes

Lovin' Copper 'n Lace

Gone Muddin'

Sassy Brassy

Simply Green

Easy Charm

The Sassy Tassel Bracelet

Sexy Hexy

Lotus Sun

Charmed by Bubblegum & Lollipops

Celtic Line

Blue Romance

Ring Around the Moon

Arabian Nights

Hot Momma

Avante Garde Gone Funky!

Aladdin's Treasure

Happy Spacers

Topaz - November Birthstone

Chunky Monkey


Tourmalicious - October Birthstone

Fly, Fly Away

Light as a Feather

Festive Fringe


a Viking Knit Bracelet

Wire Lace I - Pretty Ruffles

Wire Lace II - Caged Treasures

Wire Lace III - Nested Beauties

Wire Lace IV - Antique Lace

Summer Thunder II

Max's Butterfly Choker

Silver and Green - a Peridot Dream - August Birthstone

Harvest Moon Fairy

Copper Waves

Columbian Delight

Delica Pastelica

Kenyan Sunset

Magic Forest

Gold Crystal Leaf Earrings

Golden Ivy

Good Enuff to Eat

dragon claws

Amazon Woman

June Birthstone

Random Rocks

Jade Mystery

Convertable Jade

Emerald City - May Birthstone


Charming Dependents

Key to my heart


Spiral Sparkle

Tangled Web

Liz Taylor - April Birthstone

Jazzy Lady

Spring Blooms

March Aquamarine

Emerald Rain

Butterfly Garden

Tangerine Paisley Dream


Funky Clusters of Grapes! - February Birthstone

The Dragon Speaks

Starlight Midnight

Scenic View

Simply Elegant

Summer Thunder

Star Trek

Lepidopterus Swarovskius

Heaven and Earth

Stardust Mocca

Water Bug

Anyone for Caviar?

Copper Cafe

Bamiyan Market

Not Your Regular String


Guinevere's Chain

Cascading Autumn

Multi-Strand Silver


Cynthia Squared

Stop Traffic

Ocean Waves

Cosmic Ring Earrings


Jewel Bug

Drop of Colour

Pumpkin Spice

Midnight Blooms

Winding Road

Pink & Brown Paisley

Moonlight Sonata

Purple Jasmine

Turquoise Wave

Amber Delight

Sea Time

Queen of Hearts

Midnight Time

The Cubist's View

Evening Garden

Easy to Be-Leaf

Lentil Treasure

Dragonfly Delight

Zen Bracelet

Who Sees Citrus?

Persian Queen

Xs and Oooooos

Mothers' Pride

Threader Drops

Formal Elegance

Coach Lanterns

Crystal Downpour

I Heart Pearls

Chain Drive

Spring Showers

Jurassic Gems

Blue Lagoon

Orion's Belt

Verdigris Earrings

Amethyst Twist

Hearts Afire

Ocean Treasures

Moon Rocks

Amazonian Bracelet and Earrings

In A Mood

Let's Get Daggerous

Lot's O' Links

Circles Pendant


Bejeweled Gift Bag

Silver Bells Earrings

Christmas Rose Brooch

Jewels of the Magi

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Snowman Earrings

Tidings of Joy

Holly Pendant

Crystal Ice Earrings

Victorian Christmas Earrings

Dreaming of a White Christmas


Calypso's Maelstrom Necklace

Titania's Earrings

Stylish Christmas Earrings

November Morning Necklace

Copper Mystyque

Hong Kong Nights

Champagne Surprise

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Vintage Flower Bracelet

Bisbee Meadow

Baby Squares

Cubic Bling Bling

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