metal heads

We like to do all sorts of things around here. We like beads, fibres, clay, fire and metal.I’d like to present our new metalsmithing area. This is a temporary setup that we’re doing for a class today. Once our renovations are complete though, we’ll have our new fabulous studio setup for both lampwork and silversmithing! Wahooo! …can ya tell i’m a little excited 😉

finally…some fixtures!

Dwyn took a panoramic shot of the store a while back, but I hadn’t had a chance to put it up online. Here it is! We’ve got a lot happening this weekend. Our slotwall is going back up tomorrow (friday), and our new cash desk….(Yup…2 cash registers folks!) will be delivered within the next week or two.Our new fixtures for the front of the store (tables etc.) will also be coming within the next 2 weeks. But the really fun project will be setting up our new metalsmithing studio this weekend. That really crowded back room where we had the …