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We seem to be experiencing intermittent problems with the shopping cart. Some users are experiencing time out messages, others are finding that the page is simply not loading…and other times it works fine. We have sent in a request to have this resolved. In the meantime, if you would like to place an order, feel free to email us with the items you would like. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, we’ll have this fixed up asap!

Open House @ Nortel this Weekend!

No, not THAT Nortel! The Nortel that makes our awesome torches, and supplies us with tons of cool flameworking glass and supplies. The open house will be today, Jan 30 and Saturday the 31st . Dwyn, myself, along with other artists have been invited to come and demo – so if you have any questions, you can come down and ask in person. They will have a full range of torches set up, so if you want to try out a new one, this would be the time to do it! They will have specials on glass, and other artists …

Class Correction

We made a fairly big mistake in posting a couple of Nadine’s classes. Nadine’s Dancing Dahlia class is actually coming up first on February 28th. Dancing Dahlia Brooch with Nadine Foskin 10am to 1pm And Nadine’s wildflower pendant is on March 7th! Wild Flower Pendant with Nadine Foskin 2pm to 5pm Sorry for the confusion!

February is almost here!!

I know that it is still winter, but the arrival of February usually makes you feel little better. February means that Spring is almost here and on that note we have some very “Springy” Nadine Foskin classes coming up. Saturday February 28th from 10-1pm is the Wildflower Pendant Saturday March 7th is the Dancing Dahlia’s Brooch class. This is an absolutely beautiful brooch and a must take class. Don’t forget Nadine also has an Introduction to Bead Stringing class on the 26th of February. The month of February is jammed packed. In the first week there 4 classes. Dwyn Tomlinson’s …

The Mode Accessories Show

A couple of days ago, I attended the Mode Accessories Show, a biennial trade show for fashion and accessories. This is a strict wholesale show in that most of the booths just had samples of items for sale and took orders rather than doing Cash and Carry. The major accessories on display here were from manufacturers of accessories such as hats, handbags, belts, shawls, and most of all, jewellery. We’re talking about costume jewellery here, not the big-ticket diamonds and gold stuff. The buyers at this show are mostly the smaller boutique-type stores – you know the kind: the funky …

Kung Hei Fat Choy – and UFOs

Kung Hei Fat Choy – Happy Niu Year – the Year of the Ox. (Niu is Ox – so apparently, this year, every one is wishing each other the equivalent of Happy Gnu Year in bad puns. A gnu, as you know, is a horse, designed by a committee. No gnus is good gnus, I suppose.) Yes, this is the new year on the chinese calendar, and being based on the Lunar cycle, shifts around from year to year. Those of us in the west are largely fascinated with the idea of a cycle of years that are associated with …

Is there ice in your phone?

Well – there should be. ICE stands for IN CASE of EMERGENCY and it is the number you want called if you are in an accident and the paramedics/police/fire are trying to figure out who to call. Sure – fill out that card in your wallet. But put that number in your cell phone, and label it “ICE.” If you have actually figured out how to add more that a few letters to a listing in your phone’s directory, you can label it with the name and relationship. Or ICE1 and ICE2 for a back up. This started in England …

Sneak Peek at Next Week

What’s coming up for next week? errrr. ummm. No, seriously – there will be stuff, but at this point – it’s hard to point to a cohesive theme. There will be these rather nice Trumpet Lilies. I like the sculptural look of them when a whack of them are strung all together. These “saturn” shaped beads are kind of interesting too, don’t you think? Or, I can leave you with the description of next week’s update, as speculated by my DH. “There will be beads. Small round things with holes. Makes the floor slippery.” 😉

Selling on Consignment

Here’s a link for all of you Jewelry Makers out there. Laura Jean posted an excellent blog posting on the Toronto Craft Alert blog yesterday. Be sure to check it out, she’s got some excellent tips on selling via consignment…and why consignment rates are what they are! Be sure to check out this excellent blog for all things crafty in Toronto!

Our Clearance Sale Continues

If you thought you missed it…You still have a chance to scoop up some awesome bargains. We had horrible weather this past weekend, and many of you couldn’t make it out to the store. Our Clearance sale will continue on until Monday January 26th! here’s the original post in case you missed it: First off, we’re almost finished adding all of our overstock clearance to our sale tables. We have two big tables jam packed with beads and goodies between 30% and 50% off. We’re also clearing out our jewelry samples at 30% off too! Our clearance sale runs today …