The Summer has Begun!

Summer is here and kids are out for 72 days of summer. If that sounds daunting (it does to me) then we have a great escape for you–classes! We have tons going on this summer. But first our Instructor of the Week…Introducing Marilyn Gardiner. Marilyn has a passion for creating jewellery. This is her new lease on a life — she is a retired teacher and school-board computer consultant. Three interwoven paths are developing in her life. The first is a love of pattern and design from different eras and cultures and its reflection in her bead work and designs. …

Earring Styles – or – Excuse me – but my ears are ringing

Let’s talk about earrings! or ear rings – as you prefer. Earrings are fun and quick to make – you can easily make up pairs to go with every mood, outfit, holiday, day of the week, etc. Even before I made jewelry – I could easily go more than a month without repeating a pair. Of course, the findings are what make an earring work. A necklace or bracelet is mostly about the content – the beads or whathaveyou – and the clasp is a nice finishing touch. But with earrings – the findings – the mechanical bits, if you …

Marg’s Eye Candy

Marg makes awesome beady stuff. Stuff that blows my mind for patience, skill and precision – and then she’s all “what – this little thing – I just whipped it up!” This past trip to Bead and Button – where she signed up for classes – resulted in these stunning lovelies! She assures me that this stunning extravaganza of 3 mm crystals (something like 5 gross of them!) was really pretty easy and quick to do. Oh yeah – right. And then there is this lacy item – isn’t this divine? And finally – this work-in-progress. Love these colours!

Drat, drat, drat – no internet

If’n it ain’t one thing, then it’s t’other. We’re having internet issues at the store today – so the email is piling up. We are working on it, and expect to have it working by the end of the day – but for now – if you have a mondo-ly urgent issue – please do call us instead – Tollfree 877-473-2323 or in Toronto (416) 701-1373 Orders are still going through ok, but we just can’t email!

Dog Days of Summer

You knock yourself out working 18-hour days, struggling to pay the mortgage, do-right by family and friends and be a good, responsible adult – and for what – so your dog can snooze by the pool. I’m coming back as a dog in my next life. So there. ;-P This is Bones – and he is quite entitled to snooze in the sun, IMHO. 😉

Summer Schedule is UP!!!!

Yay! I have begun to get the summer schedule (and a bit of the fall schedule too)up on the site at last. Before I get into that, our instructor of the week is Amy Waldman Smith. Amy has been teaching Glass Bead Making at Beadfx since 2004. Form and symmetry are hallmarks of Amy’s beads. She pays close attention to the technical details and strives towards uniform, functional beads. She has been making glass beads since 2001 and began working from her home studio in Richmond Hill in 2003. Prior to that, she haunted the beadFX studio in every spare …

Ah, New York, New York!

I love New York. Almost as much as I love beads. I love New York, even when it has been raining for the past 20 days straight and everyone, even the pretzel seller on the corner, is grumpy. And what better excuse for a weekend run to the Big Apple than a bead show? This past weekend was the occasion of the Bead Society of Greater New York’s 20th Anniversary Retrospective. Held at their usual meeting place, the Fashion Institute of Technology, this was a large juried competition and exhibit. In addition to the current entrants, there were several large …

Eye Candy – Mathon

Another French jeweler – Mathon – with all the pretty eye candy for you – my little cabbage. Is this ring not yummy? Are the collection not tres magnifique? Are not the historical drawings delightful? In fact, only the annoying, tinkly music that resets every time you load a page – is truly out of place. In all my years on the interwebs – only 2 sites have impressed me with sound so well integrated that it significantly enhanced the site. That’s something like 2 sites in 15 years. Gotta love that opal ring though! Scrumptious!