Taking Great Photos. Part 14: Cropping to a Specific Size in Photoshop

Now here’s a great little tip for using Photoshop – this one was a huge timesaver for me. Many’s the time that you’ll want to save your images to a specific size. Used to be, you just needed to save them to a different size – smaller – but now – with lots of sites, like Etsy, for instance, saying “your images should be 1000 pixels across, no less than 400 across, and preferably, the image should be square” – now you have a lot more specific criteria to meet. In Photoshop – you can force the size of the …

Cute Food

There is officially now, a blog for everything. This one is about cute food – Epicute.com. There are a lot of cupcakes. As skeptical as I may sound – the nutella bunny sandwich bento box is weirdly compelling. Can you imagine someone making something like that for you? Which led me to Adventures in Bento-making. For the foodies. You know who you are.

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Hopefully – you are having a quick look at this on Saturday morning – before you head on down to check out our amazing Lampworker’s Trunk show. Handmade glass beads will be available for sale, and you can meet the artists, talk to them, see demos – and snack on some brownies too. What’s coming up next week? Stone beads! Stone of the month will be Kambaba Jasper – but there are lots more beside – like these amethyst nuggets.

Urban Dictionary

It’s been a while (snort!) since my punk rock days of the mid 80’s. Frankly, I always thought I was pretty cool (that word should date me right there). Lately, with my kids in school I’ve been coming across sayings, expressions, and words that I have no idea what on earth they mean. – Enter the Urban Dictionary I particularly like the random feature where you can just surf around for random current sayings – some are interesting, some I really didn’t need to know 😉 – A word to the wise, some defs are just plain offensive….

Trunk Show! – Getting ready again :-)

Last week we had our first ever Heavy Metal trunk show, and this Saturday we’re back with our very popular Lampworkers Trunk Show. We’ll have demos all day long – boro, beads, sculpture – find out about classes, eat yummy goodies, and of course – the best part – Buy fabulous beads from a variety of our lampworkers. There is something for everyone in all price ranges. Trunk show runs Saturday from 10am to 5pm. We hope to see you at beadFX!

New Classes Just in Time for the Holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year we have a class for you! If you are looking for gift ideas or something for a New Year’s Eve party you will surely find the inspiration in one of the many classes coming up this December! This week we have Keith Wong’s third class Swizzle Sticks and Olive Picks! These are totally adorable and make great gifts or accessories! This class runs from 6 to 9pm on Wednesday November 25th. This is a beginner class. Thursday is week 2 of Cindy Vroom’s Basic Beading Stitching 101. Focus for this …

Taking Great Photos. Part 13: The Cream of the Cropping

Let’s talk about cropping. For the moment – let’s ignore the size of the image – we’ll get to that soon – and just talk about whacking off the chunks of the picture that detract or distract. Think of it as the electronic equivalent of taking a pair of scissors and slicing off the side of the picture with that no-goodnik ex-brother-in-law that dumped your sister and left her with two kids to raise all by herself – may he rot in hell – on it. Most of the photography that we are doing is, as we discussed earlier, macro …