You are growing sleepy …

27780101015209 Swarovski Elements Bead - 14 mm Becharmed Pave (8010) - Rose (1)
You are feeling relaxed and calm. You can barely keep your eyes open. You
are … Becharmed. Dazzled by these Swarovski
Pave beads
, … you feel warm
and soft and ready to drift away to your happy place.

27780301015327 Swarovski Elements Bead - 10.5 mm Becharmed Pave (8030) - Indian Siam (1)And
if fat little donut-y beads encrusted with rhinestones aren’t enough to make
you swoon, we have – Cylindrical
beads paved with rhinestones
! Mmmm – dreamy!
Both of these are part of the Swarovski “Becharmed” beads collection
– which are the large hole beads that fit onto the Euro-style bracelet – Troll,
Pandora, et al.

These beads are made by Swarovski – they have a stainless steel core for durability
and scratch resistance, and are stamped with the Swarovski name. The stones
are embedded in a colour-coordinated epoxy made by Swarovski expressly for
this purpose – which we will soon be carrying! Woohoo!

You are feeling warm and relaxed …

s29758 Stone Beads - 12 mm Big Hole Rondelle Donut - Malachite (Simulated) (1)You
are thinking of pleasant things – like green trees and donuts … Green donuts
even – and a green donut – even if it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day – can still be
a pleasant thing – when it is a Malachite
! A number
of new stone donut rondelles
this week – and these have
larger-than-average holes. Not big enough for a euro-style charm bracelet –
like the Becharmed beads, but big enough for a 2 mm cord, leather, satin, …
whathaveyou … ?

You are floating, soaring … flying through the sky …

s35752 Glass - 9 mm Asteroids - Turquoise Opal Picasso (15)Blazing
across the heavens even – like a shooting star or an … asteroid! More of
these wonderful, funky, chunky, hunky, lunky firepolish asteroid beads. They
have a wonderful antique look and their irregular shape and interesting finishes
make them definitely not your every day bead!

You feel smooth and dreamy …

s35766 Glass Pearls - 12 mm Round - Winter Mix (8 inch strand)Like a pearl! A big pearl! A big, 12 mm round Fashion
. These glass pearls
come on a short, 8 inch strand – with a lovely tassel on the end – which is
purely decorative and not really anything to do with the pearls – but just

So, now that you have been hypnotized by the beads – you are powerless to
resist their charms. We have lots of choices to feed your addiction and make
you happy, so click on a link or an image above, or just go
for all the wonderful
new beads this week!

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