Wherein we examine: Being Ye Olde English, Being Strung out On a Wire, and Being Twisted

s40002 Glass Beads - 10 mm Antique English Cut - Iced Raspberry (25)
To bead, or not to bead, that is the question?
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to take up
the needles and thread and make an outrageous design
or to take up wire and pliers against a sea of mediocrity,
s40000 Glass Beads - 10 mm Antique English Cut - Halo Linen (25)and by opposing, end it. To design, to make, to craft,
a unique creation, apart from the placid, safe and stagnant seas of mass-produced conformity.

Perchance to weave a net of right-angle weave – cast about with Antique English Cut, beads that verily look to be pulled from the treasure chests of yore, with their lovely and distinctive flaws well about them, rough and ready and proclaiming proudly that here, indeed, is a bead-holder with taste and a flair for the dramatic!

s40022 Glass Leaves - 7 x 12 mm Leaf - Radiant Orchid (25)Or Leaf bored and tired palettes behind, and paint with bold strokes of colour so inflamed and violent that the very heavens s40021 Glass Leaves - 7 x 12 mm Leaf - Process Yellow (25)tremble at the sight! Bold swaths of Radiant Orchid and Process Yellow hammer at each other until the eyes scream “No more! A Rest, indeed, please! Give me the soothing shades!” But nay – they abound in 4 mm rounds as well in both the purple of popes and the yellow of daffodils! Methinks a daffodil might hide her pretty head in shame in deed to be next to so bright a fellow!

Twisted indeed she might be, in fact, as twisted as a wire clasped firmly in a vise and made to 74702400-06 Artistic Wire - 20 gauge Twisted Wire - Natural Copper (3 yard spool)turn about itself until it takes on a pattern as convoluted as the workings of a politician’s mind! Or even perhaps as twisted as the thinking of a tormented soul that writes about tiny bedes! As 74702300-11 Artistic Wire - 18 gauge Twisted Wire - Non Tarnish Brass (2 yard spool)grevious as the work is, the end result is dainty and pretty and brings texture and lightness to any object so crafted from it. Thou might choose to eschew the work that this involves and seek instead wire that has been pre-twisted – already worked for your pleasure!

s39993 Para Wire - 24 gauge Round Wire - Seafoam (10 yards)And with that time now saved, hie thyself to the wire pages, wherein a sea of untroubled colours – a s39994 Para Wire - 20 gauge Round Wire - Baby Blue (6 yard spool)pleasant balm of s39995 Para Wire - 20 gauge Round Wire - Navy Blue (10 yard spool)Seafoam Green, and blues both Baby and Navy lie awaiting and are prepared to gentle your soul and calm your spirits.

And so we draw our tale to a close for another week, and likewise, we will soon close out the month of June! Much feasting and joy will fall on the celebration of the birth of this great nation, which falls on Tuesday next. As such – forget not that our store will be closed that hopefully fine and sunny day, but that our computer minions will always be available should you find the need for such items as we may supply to you.

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