It’s a Bail out … but we’ll button it down …

s40666 Findings - Pinch Bails -  Loop De Loop - Antiqued Brass (1)s40669 Findings - Pinch Bails -  Loop De Loop - Bright Silver (1)This week, we have an array of metal for you. We have some bails – which are definitely bails. These are the classic “pinch” bails – which have a little stud or tooth that fits into a hole in the bead/pendant, and hang it.

Normally, you have to choose the bail you are going to use based on whether your bead/pendant is oriented to hang front-to-back or if the hole is side-to-side.

34767352025205 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 20 x 32 mm Leaf (6735) - Emerald (1) vs s39240 Swarovski Pendant - 56 mm The Grand Crystalactite (6016/G) V - Crystal AB (1)

HOWEVER – these bails are particularly clever in that the hangy bit on the top ROTATES, so that it doesn’t matter which way the bead/pendant hangs – it accommodates it. Terribly clever.

s40674 Findings - Bails - ID 3 mm Lattice Tube - Antiqued Copper (1)
Now these bails, however, in addition to also rotating, go the other way, with the cord, chain or whatever running through the tube. And you know, you could put them on a bracelet to hang charms and dangles off, know what I mean? Like multiple leather cords and through the bail and bingo, hang something nice off it. Hmmm? Something to think about, eh?

s40677 Metals Buttons -  Pineapple Leaves - Gold Plated (1)As promised, metal buttons – which make nice closures for bracelets – just make a loop to go over them and they are good to go. And while s40692 Metals Buttons -  Shasta Daisy - Gunmetal (1)we have them in a bunch of metal finishes, nothing says that you couldn’t customize the colours with some of the gilders paste or iced enamels.

s40635 Metal Beads - Big Hole Big Balls Daisy Spacer - Gold Plated (1)And rounding out the round up for this week, honking big daisy spacers – 15 mm across, with a 4 mm hole. On leather cord with a lampwork spacer set? Maybe s40639 Metal Beads - Big Hole Big Balls Daisy Spacer - Antiqued Copper (1)as part of a Troll/Pandora/Euro charm bracelet? Again – all the colours!

So click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get making!

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