Top Five Bead Spills at BeadFX

You know that sound, when you are in a restaurant, an almighty crash of crockery and cutlery, a tremendous burst of sound that shatters the air as well as the dishes. I always hope that we’re in a place that doesn’t take it out of the waiters’ salaries, when I hear that.

Well – restaurants aren’t the only places where things spill. Sometimes, we have spills here at BeadFX. They can be pretty spectacular – and always involve everyone crawling around on their hands and knees afterwards, picking up the goods!

Top Five Most Spectacular Bead Spills at BeadFX

5. Early on in our history, I was moving a tray of Swarovski’s, all in their little bins, when I dropped the tray and spilled the entire lot on the floor. Back in those days, it was a sizable percentage of our inventory. I felt so bad, I spent the evening sorting them all out back into their proper bins for the next day.

4. Then there was the time when we were doing a show at the convention centre, and the pin for the handle of the dolly came out, and the dolly ran down the ramp and jumped the curb and scattered the contents of the metal beads bins all over the concrete. There are probably still Antique Copper Hex Spacers wedged into the cracks in the pavement, if you ever care to go back there with a pair of tweezers.

3.  And then there was the day the Sterling Bead shelf collapsed in the glass case at the cash register. Oh yeah – there was some sortin’ to do that day!

2. And speaking of the glass showcase – we hadn’t had it a full week yet, when a half-loaded mobile rack (just back from a show, coincidentally), fell over onto the new and very expensive glass showcase, and smashed through it and demolished it. The owner was out of town and we didn’t tell her till she got back – why ruin a vacation, after all?

1.  And the most recent and a truly spectacular one – the table in the counting and packaging area just recent collapsed – folded up it’s metal legs at one end, and gracefully slid it’s contents on to the floor – where they all landed in their respective bins, bags and boxes, retaining pretty much their exact position that they had on the table, and leaving Rochelle on the phone holding a bag of beads in one hand and her phone in the others, saying, “Gotta go now, table just collapsed.”

What are your bead spill stories?

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