What’s on my bead mat?

Or perhaps I should say, “what’s on my bead mat”, and rolling around in my head, this week? I had a lovely, quiet holiday, and find that when I have time on my hands, my hands just naturally turn to creative pursuits. During the holidays, I watch sappy movies, eat more snacks than normal, and search for projects to play with. Although, I do start new projects, I confess that I love to dig into some of my UFO’s (unfinished objects)! Not just components (stash), but projects that I’ve started, and haven’t found the the time, or inspiration to complete. I’m happy that I managed to finish my free-form peyote beaded bead, but both dolls, are still works in progress!

The starfish (doll form, purchased from a friend), is a definite what if? What if, I used freeform peyote, to bead a doll? What if, I combined it with intuitive bead embroidery? What if, I resisted the internal urge, to finish the doll quickly? Interestingly enough, this doll is turning out to be quite challenging. Freeform is all about problem solving, and some problems, just don’t want to be solved quickly! I’m a lot further ahead, but my mind needs rest, before agreeing to unlock more of the puzzle pieces. The second doll (designed and stitched by yours truly), was started in my last doll workshop. She’s a little sad, but is sitting patiently on my messy worktable, waiting for me to throw her a few beads. Poor neglected baby!

On the mixed media front, I spotted a simple tutorial, somewhere on the web (sorry, but I didn’t save it), showing someone making beads, out of two-part epoxy clay (either Apoxie Sculpt, or Crystal Clay), grommets (or were they eyelets?) and wooden beads. Of course, I just had to try it, and then expand on some of the steps (my mind just never stops). I painted the beads with Vintag Patinas, distressed them, and then added Iced Enamels and micro beads (but only to the larger one). Not perfect, but the technique definitely shows promise. In addition, I made a rather sloppy attempt, at a flower cabochon, while using up some of my leftover clay (remember, I’m still not a sculptor…). But what’s happened to those pearls, you say? Absolutely nothing! I did make a little bracelet, for a future Inspiration, but ideas for my pearls, are just not coming……Perhaps next week! Right now, I seem to be more interested in my rusty cloth, hand embroidery project (I’ll sneak a few photos in, one day!).

I’ve also been getting up close, and personal with more than a few blogs. One of my favourites is The Altered Page, by Seth Apter. Absolutely nothing to do with jewellery, but his mixed media, graffiti style, does fill my eyes with colour, and my head with trends and techniques. If you’re interested, check out this post! You’d be surprised at how easily transferable, some of his colours, ideas and trend watches, are to your jewellery projects.

Rest, relax, and try to finish off just one more project, before the year ends. Be safe, and I promise that we’ll chat more, next week, and next year!


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