Once upon a time …

s50413 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Zebra Stripes - Antiqued Brassthere was a zebra – actually – a whole herd of zebras – and they were very fashionable zebras. They knew that they looked good on just about any colour background.

These were Fashion s49917 Leather - 10 mm Flat Leather - Iridescent Rainbow (Inch)Zebras, and they were not about blending in. Especially not when there was Iridescent and Metallic Leather to be had!

s50433 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Hammered Crazy Flower - Antiqued SilverSo one day – a whole dazzle of zebras – I kid you not, a group of zebras is a dazzle – google it if you don’t believe me! – headed out to their s50426 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Hammered Flower - Bright Copperfavourite flowerpatch for lunch. There was lots of variety, and they were looking forward to all the nummy options.


26037017-02 Beads - 10 mm Flat Leather - 28 mm Stoplight - GunmetalWhile they were waiting at a stoplight,
s50640 Riveting Supplies -  General Star Stud Rivet and Base - Antiqued Copper (5)s50387 Findings - 10 mm Flat Leather -  Leather End Cap - Bright Brass (Pair)a bunch of hunky studs came along in the other direction. Well the zebras and the studs got to talking, because they were all into leather – and the studs turned out to be absolutely riveting, and the zebras didn’t want it to end.

But they were pretty canny – s50655 Metal Bead - Big Hole -  Fat Daisy - Antiqued Brassthose zebras – they had met some big hole beads in their time. So they told the studs, that if they like it, they can put a ring on it.s50388 Finger Rings - ID 14 mm Crown Bezel - Sterling Silver

Well – the studs were imagining that there could be lots of little beads in their future, and they s50342 Beads - 5 mm Flat Leather -  Open Weave - Antiqued Brass (5)s50367 Findings - 5 mm Round Leather -  Rounded End Cap - Antiqued Copper (2)didn’t want to cap the fun either, so rather than leafing, or bailing, they clasped the opportunity.

s50379 Pinch Bail -  Leafy Vine - Side Drilled Bail - Gunmetal

And that’s the way it was – s49919 Leather - 10 mm Embossed Flat Leather - Paisley - Grilled Tomato (Inch)
leather you believe it or not.

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