New! New! New!

newsiteWhat’s new this week? Well, some , some pinch beads, a new colour of metal clay, some new beading thread, and, oh yeah – the entire website!!!!!


Yes – a new look, that is fresher, cleaner, faster, more streamlined, and easier on the eyes. Easier to use on mobile too! New features like shopping by colour!

Of course – as with anything this complicated – there are a few things that seem to be not quite what we expected. So please, if you find something weird, like pictures overlapping or showing up gigantic, or if you can’t find something at all! – Please, please don’t suffer in silence, just fire us an email and we will track down the bug and beat it to death for you.

Your user id will still work, your saved shopping carts are still there, although if it won’t let you log in, clear your cookies, and if that doesn’t work, just email us and we’ll sort you out.

If you are into any of the shaped beads, or the seedbeads or beadweaving, you’ve might be looking for the Hana thread. Hana is very new to the thread market. Hana is a colorfast, no-ply, strong and pre-waxed nylon beading thread. Its fray resistant, which makes it perfect for laddering and seed bead weaving.

s50960 Thread - Size B Hana Nylon Thread - Bone (Spool)Hana thread was created by Midori Matsui – a retired ribbon manufacturer. It is consistent with KO and SONO in terms of quality and can be used interchangeably with them in any project that calls for them. Use with a Size 12 Beading Needle and fuse using an Ultra Thread Zap.


Picture this!

s50946 Stone - 55 mm Pear Drop Pendant - Picture JasperPicture Jasper and other stone Pendants – wonderful works of art, painted by Nature herself. s50949 Stone - 55 mm Pear Drop Pendant - Tiger IronMother Nature paints these very slowly, mind you – over hundreds of thousands of years. You have to admit though, it’s worth the wait!

s50950 Stone Beads - 20 x 10 mm Double Drilled Oval - Kambaba JasperAnd speaking of stone, how about some Kambaba Jasper? This handsome green stone gets my vote for most likely to be misspelled. Kambaba, Kambara, Kabama … .


Metal clay!

If you’ve been intimidated by the price point of the precious metal clays, then why not give the Prometheus clay a whirl? Price isn’t the only thing to love about this clay – it’s very forgiving to work as well. We have the new,s50896 Metal Clay - Prometheus - Sunny Bronze Clay (50 grams) Sunny Bronze, to add to the colour line-up. And we have classes in metal clay if you are local and want to learn in person. (We’re still working on the classes portion of the website, so that part hasn’t changed yet – but we’re hoping to set it up so you can actually register online! Woohoo!)


s51066 Art Clay Silver - Professional 950 - Clay Type (25 grams)However, if you really do want to use the Silver Clay – we’ve added the 950 Professional clay. This is a stronger clay than fine silver and ideal for creating rings, clasps, hinges and other moving parts, and even bangle or cuff bracelets. It cannot be torch-fired, but it can be open-shelf fired without carbon; just place on a regular kiln board or firing blanket. Items made with Art Clay 950 can be hallmarked as Sterling, and have a silver purity of .950 when complete. (Did you know we have a firing service? We will add firing this clay after we’ve had a chance to test it.)


So check out all the cool new stuff in a cool new website! Bead Happy!


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