Bezels, and how to fill an empty space

By Cindy Goldrick

I love bezels. They are open spaces that have infinite creative possibilities. No matter what kind of technique you use, there is some way for you to fill that space with something that speaks to you.

Here are some inspiration pieces and also suggestions for online tutorials to get your creativity flowing.

Fill your bezels with paper and glass

I’ve used watchmakers quality glass and glue that dries transparent to assemble this easy pendant. It’s a great way to feature a family photo or souvenir from a memorable trip.

Fill your bezels with metal

Here I used a Big Kick plate on 30 gauge copper, cut it to fit the bezel, glued it down then added alcohol ink and Diamond Glaze to preserve the patina.

Fill your bezels with resin

Here’s where you can add personal items as keepsakes forever. I trapped rose petals from a special bouquet in a bezel. You can press flowers, seal them, and add them into a bezel filled with resin. Pearl Blay has some gorgeous examples of this in her blog The Beading Gem as well as tutorials.

This sample has a tidepool of pearls and then I added a Swarovski star to suggest a starfish.

Fill your bezels with Ceralun or Crystal Clay

Since there are a variety of colours to work with, plus lots of mica powders to enhance them, your background in the bezel can truly show off your crystals and/or other inclusions.

This sample shows a metal cameo in silver Ceralun and an application of a Swarovski product created for nail designs. It gives the piece a beautiful pav look.

Nunn Design has recently posted tutorials on their blog where they’ve created an almost mosaic look in clay by embedding seed beads in it. Very cool.

Another technique I use is ink transfer onto Ceralun. Here’s a sample where I created a bezel from bezel wire in a custom shape then transferred a design from paper I bought from a small book printer in France then embellished to create a pendant. The round bezels show the same technique in pre-made bezels and using pink Ceralun. The sample on the right uses a neutral colour.

Fill your bezels with felt and beads

If you have some scraps of needle felting then why not go ahead and cut them to fit a bezel. Embellish with a few beads. I’m going to be trying this next.

And speaking of beads, Anne Marie Desaulnier teaches a great class at Beadfx where she fills a bezel with intuitive bead embroidery. The results are stunning.

Let me know if I’ve missed a technique. Or post examples of your bezel work.

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