InspirationFX: Pagoda Earrings

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Pagoda Earrings

Designed by: Pam Kearns

One of my favourite classes to teach is Jewellery Making 101 where students create earrings using simple techniques. These projects employ the simplest of techniques to create three uses of the new Open Waterlily flower beads. Check out Snowdrops, my previous Inspiration for another technique.

In this project you are using simple loops and wrapped loops to create the earrings.

1. Start by working on the bottom flower first by stacking a 3mm bead onto the headpin and then adding the waterlily bead so that the flower opening facing down creating a roof over the bead. Create a simple loop to finish this component. Make sure your simple loops are completely closed.

2. Open the loop of an eyepin and slip it into the simple loop of the component created in Step 1. Stack a waterlily open side down. Finish with a simple loop.

3. Add two more waterlily components as you did in Step 2. You will have a total of 4 components. I finished the final component with a wrapped loop (just because I like the look!) but a simple loop works too.

4. Attach the topmost component to an earwire of your choice.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to complete the second earring.



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!

Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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