InspirationFX: Brandy Meet Onyx, Onyx Meet Brandy

Brandy Meet Onyx, Onyx Meet Brandy

Designed By: Rochelle Kilmer

Ohh these little onyx and gold links are so sweet. I had them hanging around on my desk not long after they went live.
I just couldn’t decide if they were going to be earrings, or a necklace or a bracelet!! There are soo many options with these pre-done links.

Then it struck me. I need to introduce Onyx to Brandy, Crystal Brandy to you.

Brandy slid onto an eyepin and I used the 1-Step Looper to close up the other loop. But before I completely closed the loop, Onyx slipped one of his loops in, then I closed the loop up using a pair of round nose pliers. Brandy and Onyx repeated this tango 13 more times. On each end of this Brandy/Onyx strand I attached a piece of chain to complete part of the necklace.
I used chainnose pliers to slightly open the link on Brandy’s eyepin to slip the chain in. Closed it back gently. And again on the other side.
I lay the necklace on the table and cut a piece of chain slightly smaller than the Brandy/Onyx strand. I attach this strand on the same link in the chain that Brandy and Onyx are attached to.Try to be on the inside of the chain link so the necklace lays nicely. Do the same with the other end of the chain.

I lay the necklace on the table again, but this time I cut a piece of chain slightly longer than the Brandy/Onyx strand. I attach this piece of chain to the same link the others are attached too, and repeat for the other side.
Now when you hold up your necklace, there is one long piece of chain and 3 droopy strands. 2 chain and 1 Brandy and Onyx links.

If you want in the centre of the long piece of chain that will sit at the back of your neck, you can choose to add a clasp like I have done. Cut the chain in half, where you want the clasp to sit. Open a jumpring and slip on the chain and a black lobster claw. On the other end of chain, put on a jumpring for the lobster claw to attach.

And the rest is history.

Look for Components here!

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