Finishing dilemma! Now what do I do to fix this?

Do you question your own creative ideas? Do your components overwhelm you with a finishing dilemma? Its natural! All your components really need is time, and a little haphazard fondling!

Take my flame enamelled beads, for example (finished in Ann Shewan’s-Painting with Fire workshop last Sunday). I made a whole wack of them, but now what do I do? Is it too early to consider them a finishing dilemma? Perhaps, but I do have a few preliminary ideas. The majority of the beads are in my favourite blue/green (with a little raspberry thrown in for good measure) colour scheme. I actually planned that! The technique used on the smooth copper beads was my favourite, so how could I resist repeating it over and over again! Practice makes perfect, and as I have a tendency to over fire, my beads are certainly not perfect!

Finishing dilemma

I’m loving the rustic feel of these beads! The smaller ones might end up in a bracelet, and the blue/green beads are destined for a mixed media necklace (dare I add some driftwood?). I’m not sure about the rest, although bead embroidery, or Talisman necklace components, are strong possibilities!

Now on to the next finishing dilemma. I’m lucky enough to be registered for a Robyn Cornelius workshop on May 7th – Unusual Stone Setting (sorry, this one is full, but there’s still room in her Friday and Saturday classes). So of course, I needed at least five stones to choose from! Gulp! It’s just like needing to buy a new dress, because you didn’t have anything to wear to the party!! I visited the Toronto Gem and Mineral show last Friday, and purchased five different stones. Will one of them be perfect for the project? Am I completely happy with any of them? Of course not! I set myself a budget, then spent it, before I got to the place that had the really good stones! Sigh! I should have waited, scoped everything out, and then spent all of my money, on just one stone! My strategy sucked!!

Finishing dilemma

I purchased cabochons at the Scarborough Gem & Mineral show last fall (not to mention ones purchased at BeadFX, and already present in my stash). Will they be the lucky ones? The Fordite (really from GM) is probably too skinny, but the others have possibilities (one is soft, and the other has flash)! I know that I have more cabs tucked away somewhere, but they’re probably not unusual enough for my new pendant. Time will tell, and I will show & tell when its finished! But what about my finishing dilemma for the other cabs, you say? What the heck will I do with them?

Finishing dilemma

As you can see, I’m no further ahead than I was at the beginning of this blog post. My beads will need to rest for a while, and I’m still contemplating the never-ending search for the perfect cabochon. I need to constantly remind myself, that patience is a virtue!

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