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Chained in Copper
Designed by: Rochelle Kilmer

Plain and simple. Dress it up or dress it down.
Little black dress? No problem!? Jeans, blouse, dress, or even your pj’s!
?I love the look of this chain and just had to do a necklace with all of it. 🙂 Well not all of it – I left some if you want to make one too! I found some corrugated copper circles that paired nicely and off I went to designing the necklace.
1) I attached the 2 sizes of corrugated circles together with a 4x5mm jumpring. And again for the other set.
2) I wanted these circles to sit on my collar bones, so I measured a piece of copper chain from 1 collar bone to the other. On me it was about an 18inch length of chain.
3) I cut this piece of chain in half. I attached one half of the chain to the jumpring holding our circles together. Do the same with the other half.
4) From here I put the lobster claw on the other ends of the chain using the oval jumprings.
5) For the 5 layers I cut the chain into the lengths I wanted.
From longest to shortest – 16″, 15″, 14″, 13″, 12″
6) Starting with the longest strand I attached it using the oval jumprings to just the large corrugated circles.
7) I kind of braided the chain as I was putting them on the circles. You don’t have to do this – you can just place them in order of their length.
8) And you are done!!

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