Bead therapy – Solutions for everyday woes!

Do you ever find the need for a little bead therapy? I don’t always require it, but do think and dream about it, on a regular basis. It allows me to see the world in a better light, and helps to keep my sanity in check!

Everyday beading is therapeutic, but really not what I mean, when I mention bead therapy. Do you bead regularly? Would your TV watching experience be complete, without a beading needle in your hands? Do you spend more time choosing beads (that would be me), or clothes for a vacation? This sounds like everyday beading! You may be doing it for yourself, someone else, or commercially. It’s a known entity, often deadline driven, and not always relaxing. But yet there’s more!

bead therapy

Bead therapy is something that is done on an exceptional basis. It’s a need to bead, just like a need to breathe! When chaos comes a calling, take time to bead! You won’t regret it!

You need to bead! Think of it as meditation, and relaxation (and it’s cheaper than a spa visit)! Clear your mind, and focus on your priorities! I like my bead therapy to revolve around either intuitive bead embroidery, or freeform peyote. But others might find more comfort with the repetitive movements of looming, brick stitch, and odd, or even count peyote. Work with soothing colours, and patterns that are warm and familiar. Nothing jarring, confusing, or chaotic is allowed! Bead around your problems!

bead therapy

bead therapy

Dig into your stash, and wallow in the experience! Visit your local bead store (BeadFX if you’re in the neighbourhood). Buy some new beads, but don’t pressure yourself to bead, unless you want to! It’s all about you! The simple act of choosing, sorting and organizing beads, is often enough to calm you down.

Allow yourself a little bead therapy, even if you don’t feel up to it. You cannot stay strong, without a little relief. Give yourself permission to take a break, then plan how you’re going to do it! There’s no time like the present, and you owe it to yourself!

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