2018 – Live Purple

2017 is on it’s way out the door – and a lot of people will be happy to see it go. Pantone has declared that the 2018 colour of the year is Purple. Actually – they are calling it Ultra Violet – but, to the best of my knowledge, you can’t actually see Ultra Violet unless you are a bee –

A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

Nevertheless – Pantone 18-3838 “Ultra Violet” is a very pretty shade of blue-purple violet – a colour you’re most likely to find on our website labelled Tanzanite. But because it is the holidays, and we are closed, and you can’t get into the store, and I’d rather not quibble with anyone about if this shade or that is purple enough, I’m just going to do a sale on everything in the database flagged as purple. Which is some 1500+ items. 15% off. Yay purple!

Speaking of colour though, and how to search for it … we’ve added a function to the website that allows you to narrow your search to specific colour families. Oh sure, if there is only six items on a page, who cares, but in the Delicas, for instance – we show them by default by their Delica number, but what if you want to see all the aquas only?

Well – enter the “filter.” Click on the check box for aqua (and you can see how many there are), and click on the “filter” button. When you’re done with that, click on the little x in a circle, and select other colours. Or click on two check-boxes to see, for instance, all the red and all the black.

this is just an image - not the real thing


I personally find it kind of fun to look at the pages this way – I’m not sure what that says about me – and of course, I’m finding the occasional colour that is in the wrong category – not many, I’ll grant you. If you find one that I haven’t spotted – be sure and let me know. I might even award a small gift certificate for folks who are helpful that way. 😉


New Year’s Resolutions?

So – have you, at some point, thought to yourself that you really should use some of the beads you have, before buying any more? I mean, we here are all pretty convinced you can never have too many beads, but even so … sometimes that thought does kind of drift across our minds that maybe, just maybe, we should use some of them before getting any more … .

Anyway – with that in mind, and a spool of Opelon (stretchy thread) and a Big Eye needle, and just noodling away during the morning cuppa joe, using just beads left over from projects, beads bought for a project that never happened, or got started and never finished, or just plain forgot what the project was … anyway – accumulated beads – now turned into stacks and stacks of gorgeous bracelets. Wear them as stacker bracelets – 3, 6, or a dozen at a time! So – dig out those beads, and re-discover how much you love them!



Holiday Closing

We are closed for the holidays over the week between Christmas and New Year’s, reopening on Jan 2. Our trusty computers will, of course, be standing by to take your orders, so you may still shop when the need arises. We will ship when we get back – next year!


Till Midnight, Dec 31! Last Call to Redeem Frequent Beader Points

We wrapped up the online Frequent Beader Points program in July – with a grace period to redeem outstanding points by the end of the year. We just want to remind you that you have until Dec 31 to redeem those points. Orders placed up to Midnight, December 31 may use up their outstanding Frequent Beader Points.

Place your order using the “call-back” option and note in the comments that you would like to apply any frequent beader points that you have to that order, and we will call you back with the total adjusted price when we re-open.

If you shop online and in-store, you may convert existing online points to in-store points. Please email info@beadfx.com to request point conversion. Please email your request by Dec 31.


As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.



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