UFO 2 Go: Make plans to complete the aventure!

When I say UFO 2 Go (unfinished objects), how do you react? With confusion, interest, or perhaps abject terror! For me, it’s all of the above!

UFO 2 go
photo courtesy of express.co.uk

Just the other day, the phrase UFO 2 go popped into my brain, as I was sorting through stuff in preparation for my Stitch Bits (aka Stitch Meditation) class this Thursday. One thing led to another, as I pulled more and more stuff out of the boxes, and realized that I had a whole lot of finishing to do!

UFO 2 go

Okay, not everything I’m going to show you is really old, but I’m certainly not showing you the rest! We won’t speak about unfinished quilts, or even my collection of altered dominos, washers, resin, acrylic pour, and cement pieces. Not to mention my bare-naked stones, driftwood, metal, paint, paper, and wood blanks. But what’s a mixed-up media artist to do?

My poor freeform peyote bracelet isn’t finished, and it’s in my favourite colour of blue! What would it take to make this a UFO 2 go? All I really need to do is extend it a little, and then add a clasp. But I think that I’d like to add a beaded button, and that will take more time. Oh dear! Instead of letting it drift, perhaps I should make it a priority, and schedule it in my calendar? Like that will ever happen!!!!

UFO 2 go

I started the beaded button, in a class I taught a few months back. Of course, I haven’t touched it since! Do I really need to finish it, or should I just treat it as a working sample for my next class? It’s not even in my favourite colours, so I think that’s what I will do.

UFO 2 go

I actually started on two dolls, in my Nature’s Muse: Beaded Art Doll class last weekend. The heart will only be beaded on one side. It was originally an experiment, but the back will be finished with other techniques, including paint, fibre, crunchy texture, etc. When? Who knows?

UFO 2 go

I designed the dancing doll shape, at least a year or so ago, but she’s only started speaking to me now. Believe it or not, I have a lot of plans for her, but I don’t really have time to work on them right now. For her to become a UFO 2 go, I will need to dedicate some time to her. Not now, but perhaps she could be my summer project?

UFO 2 go

I stitched the postcard years ago! I plan to cut it up, and add it to one of my Stitch Meditations. The stitched background for all of today’s photos, is a piece of painted, and hand-stitched raw silk. I have no plans to finish it, but just might treat it as an in-between project. Who am I kidding? It will continue to sit in the drawer, until I figure out some useful purpose for it. Or, it can continue to act as a photo backdrop!

UFO 2 go

I’m itching to fill the purple molds with resin, polymer clay, or both. I don’t expect them to be on the shelf for long!

Are you ready to complete some of your UFO 2 go projects? List a handful, make a few plans, add a “to be completed by” goal, then get to it!!! Goals need to be realistic, and attainable! Don’t be too hard on yourself! If we work together, we can make a dent in our projects. I think I can, I think I can…


    1. Anne Marie

      Good idea Bennett! I was planning an “Intensive Support” workshop, for my bead embroidery and freeform peyote students. I can’t speak for the other instructors. LOL!

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