A Concerted Effort …

Picture yourself, on a hill by a river
with tangerine trees and buff coloured skies …

s61157 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 35mm Square - Picture Jasper

Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
A girl in a long cloak walks by

s61161 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 39 x 51 mm Freeform - Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper doesn’t need no diamonds
Mother nature paints a picture of the highlands
Trees and forests, hills and rocks and islands
Ahhhhh …

s61158 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 33x50mm Freeform - Picture Jasper
s61162 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 33 x 58 mm Freeform - Picture Jasper

Little darlin’, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darlin’, it’s been 200 million years
Here comes the spring, here comes the sun,
And I say, it’s fossil coral and it’s all right

s61144 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 32x40mm Oval - Fossil Coral
s61142 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 29x45mm Oval - Fossil Coral
s61141 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 33x41mm Oval - Fossil Coral
s61143 Stone Pendant - OOAK - 30x40mm Oval - Fossil Coral

I see the stone – what a beautiful sight
Pink and Cream – my Rho-do-Chro-OH!-site
Mother dear, we ARE the Fortunate I think
Cuz girls just wanna wear pink
Oh, girls just gotta have pink

s61123 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 16x42mm Book Matched Rectangles - Rhodochrosite (Pair)
s61124 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 28x54mm Rectangle - Rhodochrosite
s61125 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 15mm Book Matched Freeform - Rhodochrosite (Pair)
s61131 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 15mm Book Matched Freeform - Rhodochrosite (Pair)

We want, we want Jas-per
We want Red Creek Jas-per
Buddy, it’s a stone, it’s a beautiful stone
Gonna wire-wrap up a cabochon some day
They’re one of a kind, another one you can’t find
Maybe get two cuz we won’t mind …

s61112 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 33x38mm Rectangle - Red Creek Jasper
s61110 Stone Cabochon - OOAK - 30x36mm Rectangle - Red Creek Jasper

Got an earworm yet? You’re welcome. 😉

If you’re not into stones and cabs, maybe these Dessert Themed bead mix boxes will appeal?

27899979-04 Bead Mix -  Recipe Box - Pineapple Upsidedown Cake (Box)
27899979-09 Bead Mix -  Recipe Box - Matcha Cake (Box)
27899979-22 Bead Mix -  Recipe Box - Rainbow Sherbet (Box)



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277236-013 Swarovski Pearl - 2mm Round Pearl (5810) - Platinum Pearl (200)
s60688 Swarovski Pearl - 8mm Round Pearl (5810) - Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl (strand 25)

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