Knot just a pretty pearl

Pearls – a classic look that never dies – the beauty and timelessness of pearls are eternal.

Pearls aren’t just about a graduated-strand of matched-colour anymore! If you’d like to nod to tradition while putting your own stamp on your handmade jewelry, check out this week’s new Keishi pearls. Random shapes, not unlike a potato chip or a cornflake! – these pearls have the color and lustre of traditional pearls with a modern organic shape.

s63045 Freshwater Pearls - 11x8mm Keishi Pearl - Cream (strand)
s63043 Freshwater Pearls - 8mm Keishi Pearl - Peacock (strand)

Pearls have small holes, so choose a fine softflex to string them, or go for the traditional knotting silk. (New colors also this week.) You can match the silk color to the pearl like these

s62965 Silk Thread - Size 3 / 0.5mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - Olive (2 m)
s63048 Freshwater Pearls - 12x5mm Keishi Pearl - Moss (strand)

or you can go for contrast!

s62959 Silk Thread - Size 3 / 0.5mm Griffin Silk Beading Cord / Needle - Garnet (2 m)
s63046 Freshwater Pearls - 9x7mm Keishi Pearl - Pink (strand)

If you need a pearl knotter, we have those too, and there are instructions on how to use it on Youtube. Because there are instructions for everything on Youtube. 😉

Oh, and if pearls aren’t fishy enough for you

s62984 Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 36mm Mermaid Tail - Lime AB
s62983 Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 36mm Mermaid Tail - Jet AB

Or that’s not mermaidy enough for you

s63041 Findings - Clasps -  Mermaid - Sterling

Then maybe you will give a hoot about these:

s62981 Glass Cabochon - 30mm Glass Cabochon with Image - Owl


You can review all the new stuff here!!!

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