Brand new mobile-friendly website

Easier to use, Easier to navigate, Truly mobile-friendly.

What’s new this week? How about the whole online-shopping experience!

Mobile Friendly: The techie folks call it “Responsive Design.” The non-techie folks say: “Hey, look, I can actually shop on this site on my phone!”

What else have we done? Well, we’ve consolidated some categories to keep like items together. Example – all the Swarovski bicones are on one page. Now you can see them all, side by side.

Too much? We’ve added “filters” so you can look at just the color and/or size you want.

Not on your phone? We think you’ll like the site better anyway. Faster, easier, more ways to view. Snappier menus. More concise organization.

Shop your way, on your way.
But remember, friends don’t let friends drive and shop.

We’re still scurrying around, finding stuff and changing it, arranging vases of flowers and straightening cushions, so to speak. If you see anything weird, let us know!


    1. WPAdmin

      Absolutely! All logins and passwords still work the same, and nothing has been taken away from the site.
      Lots of pictures and new features, larger categories with filters available on the phone or tablet, and on
      your desktop even more filters to isolate exactly what you are looking for. It’ll take us a bit to have
      all products proper, but many of the most-used are already in place!
      If your password isn’t working, request a new one from the system, or from

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