Class Shenanigans: How to wile away a weekend!

The class shenanigans certainly made last weekend very lively. I hosted two full classes at BeadFX, now I’m exhausted, but it was well worth it!!

First up, my Needle Felted Landscape class, which is an escape into creative freedom. Mix imagination, colour, stabbing out the frustrations of the day, then sprinkle in some hand embroidery, and a few beads! Pure bliss!!

I can’t speak for my students, but judging from their comments, enthusiasm, and results, a good day was definitely had by all!

I worked on this demo during the class, then finished it off after I got home. I spent so much time talking, that I didn’t have time to actually finish the piece during the class.

class shenanigans

My students work! Not all of the pieces are accounted for, but these are the fabulous results!!! At least one piece was finished, or almost finished in the class, but a few students were well on their way to completing a second piece.  I predict retail therapy, consisting of wool roving shopping, in their immediate future!! LOL!

class shenanigans
class shenanigans
class shenanigans

Sunday’s class was my Concrete & Candy: Exploring Artist’s Concrete class. Another full class, with happy, and enthusiastic students! Silent contemplation it wasn’t, but it was certainly a fun day! A shorter class (only 3 hours), but we made up for it with prolific results. Unfortunately, I either forgot, or didn’t have time to photograph any pieces during the class (I’m voting for the “didn’t have time” part!). However, with the exception of a couple of pieces, I did take photos of all of mine.

Speaking of class shenanigans, we mixed, poured, coloured, giggled, glittered, and designed!!! Glitter was flying, but we managed to keep it contained!! There’s a reason why I’ve had my glitter for years!! I rarely use it myself, but always allow my students to get in touch with their inner unicorns! Fantasy is a large part of the glitter world, so how could I possibly be the one to judge? Okay, I do use glass glitter, but that doesn’t fly about so much, and is definitely not unicorny!!

My two favourite pieces, using the Create Recklessly, Artist’s Concrete, plus mystery ingredients! I’d tell you, but then I’d need to swear you to secrecy! Lots of testing required, to figure out their durability, but I’m certainly loving the overall effect!

class shenanigans
class shenanigans

More of my secret stuff, then a few with regular ingredients! The blue face, was tinted with a Create Recklessly pigment, then the yellow with Turmeric.  But of course, I was crazy enough to use a spice to colour a piece, and it worked very well. In my defense, people have been Tumeric to dye fabrics for years.

class shenanigans
Oops! My focal sunk!!
Bubbles in the Turmeric one! I guess that I forgot to tap them out.

I’ve been known to use pigments, alcohol inks, acrylic inks, spices, and some secret ingredients, to colour my concrete. However, I’m always in the testing mode, so what I use today, is not necessarily what I will use tomorrow. That’s the mad scientist approach to experimentation! It’s so much fun!!!

Black, alcohol ink was used in this piece. The mottled back, is just a bonus!

By the way, alcohol inks are not lightfast, so I strongly recommend that you spray with a UV spray, once the curing phase is complete. I may even add a layer of resin to mine, just to be safe!

If you missed them, both of the above classes, are being repeated in November, but I’m not the only one teaching! Please check out our class schedule, if you’d like play a bit, or just want to escape for a while!

Speaking of class shenanigans, check out this photo of Rae, who’s once again, under the table. I remember taking a very similar photo, years ago, in one of my alcohol inks classes, but I guess that some habits are hard to break!

Explore your creativity, by taking a class! Your creativity, stress, and family will thank you! Besides, you’ll be able to get a head start on holiday gifts…

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